31 Days of Quiet

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

We live in a busy, chaotic world. It's loud and demanding.

We feel the weight of demands and pressure pushing on us each day from our jobs, responsibilities, and parenting. We face a marathon of endless meals, unmatched socks, and relentless emails.

Most of us have probably been encouraged to have daily Quiet Time- - - yet it's easier said than done, right?

Even if we manage the physical act of sitting down, it's still a challenge to be fully engaged. Those to-do lists in our heads pop up so quickly. Our inner distractions can be almost as much of a barrier as our external ones.

We're constantly dancing around obstacles thrown into our paths that interfere with maintaining our focus on God's Will for us each day. We have to pursue moments to be quiet and still.

How can we Chase Quiet to regain some inner composure?

A few years ago I immersed myself in verses related to "quiet and still" themes. Every October since then has been a spiritual reunion with these scriptures and building upon that foundation.

This season is also a tender emotional time for me because of mid-October birthdays of my Mom and Mother-in-law. The double loss of these sweet ladies tugs a little tighter in my heart during this time of remembrance and grief.

October is also a season

of "buffering."

I tend to "nest" in preparation for the wave of holiday activities to follow over the next few months. I've learned that if I can get my bearings in October, slowing down and savoring the transitions of the season, I'm more grounded going into the holidays.

Join us as we practice chasing down a little more daily Quiet in October.

During that first season of QUIET, I simply wrote out my favorite quiet verses on large index cards, hole-punched them, and put the set on a binder ring. I discovered that it was handy to have the set in my purse or car as a quick reminder to BE STILL in the busiest parts of the day, especially while managing carpool lines and waiting for lessons/practices to finish.

I'm sharing that original set with you here. You can choose to do something similar or add these verses to a flip card set as we've been doing this year for the Monthly Bible Quilt Journal topics.

Day 1: Pondering

Day 2: Handful of Quiet

Day 3: Wait Quietly

Day 4: Time Out

Day 5: Less of Me

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: Restore

Day 8: Live Quietly