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Chasing Quiet: Day 5 - Less of Me

In our on-the-go lives, we are often eager to move on to the next project.

We want to dive into a new challenge.

We jump from one thing to the next so fast that we often don't take time to slow down along the way.

We churn our way through daily stressors, probably taking on more than our "fair" share... just to repeat the same busy cycle tomorrow.

Sometimes we begin to tackle a problem so vigorously we are suddenly in over our heads without realizing how we got into the deep end.

Wouldn't it be nice to surrender that heavy weight on our shoulders?

Can we even slow ourselves down long enough to readjust our load?

Day 5 #31daysofquiet

In our BUSY, we are like an eager child about to dash across a high-traffic street to get to our favorite playground, but we are suddenly pulled back by a loving parent to keep us safe.

Adulting is hard. We have to monitor our own safety. We have to know our own limits. God is gracious to allow us to BE STILL and trust Him to guide us across to our Next Thing.

When we silence ourselves amidst the BUSY, He takes care of us. When He fights for us, our loads are lighter. He is our champion.

Less of me. More God.


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