Chasing Quiet: Day 29 - Draw Near

Almost every store I've been to recently has a display of coloring books designed for adults. When they first came out, I was skeptical how far this trend would go. Marketed as a "whimsical escape," "stress relieving," and a way to "release your imagination through coloring," you can choose from a variety of themes.  Are they onto something...or is this a passing fad?

Then  a friend came to of her most effective stress relievers is coloring. It slows her down.

It allows her to focuson one crayon at a time, gradually moving across the page and leaving a swath of bright color behind.

So, I've tried this and found it to be a quieting process as I'm waiting for my son to finish activities. I've stowed a coloring tote in my car...whether it's only a few minutes or longer, I have a brief "brainless" outlet to perk me up a bit before the next activity shuffle.

#31daysofquiet Day 29

I've  also reflected a bit on the recent phenomenon of Bible Journaling. The whole concept of coloring in the Bible was initially baffling to me (and others as well from what I hear) and I was reluctant to try my hand at it. Initially, I was stumped about the technique "how do I do this?" and "what supplies do I use?" questions. Then I had to crawl over the dubious barriers of "what if I rip the page?" and "what if the ink bleeds through?" quandaries.

By that time, I'd had my wide-margined Bible for months and had only added tabs to mark the first page of each book. Frankly, I just had to sidestep the whole "I'm not an artist" thing and start with a pencil, drawing a simple box around a beloved verse. Baby s