Chasing Quiet: Day 31 - Beauty

As women, we tend to allow that extra "X" chromosome to push us to focus on outward appearance, seeking ways to freshen up our external "beauty." With all the age-defying, youth-revitalizing, positively radiant moisturizing "lotions and potions" available now, it's overwhelming.

I love a pony-tail, no make-up, flannel shirt over a cozy t-shirt kind of "Be Still" for awhile and not have to "fancy up" for anything. 

With 90 minutes before the hustle-bustle comes home, I approach my quiet time with the Lord, by playing Cloverton's song "Take Me Into the Beautiful." 

Here's a few of my favorite phrases:

"Take me into the beautiful...with a love unexplainable"

"Let it open our hearts up to let us feel You inside of us"

"Take me into the beautiful ...where the love that never ends"

"Take me into the beautiful where the faces glow"

"Gently lift me with your grace"

"Cover me with Your mercy; come and cover me with love

Cover me so that all might see that it's You not me:  It is You that I am singing of"