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Chasing Quiet: Day 13 - SOS

We are probably all familiar with the safety precaution ICE by now.

ICE = In Case of Emergency

It's recommended that each of us enter someone's contact information into our cell phones with the simple designation of ICE. This gives emergency personnel immediate information for contacting our loved one in case of an emergency. I've heard about this for years, but actually entered this in my phone only recently. Isn't this fairly typical of us?

We often just cruise through our days, moving from one thing to the next without consideration for whatever crisis may be lurking.

When we don't plan ahead, we are at greater risk if we do encounter trouble.

Sometimes a simple action today can prevent more distress in the future when we are feeling really vulnerable.

If you are in an emergency, who do you want to be right by your side?

Who comes to mind?

God is here for us in our ordinary days.

He is also there for us in our darkest hours.

God helps us in our day-to-day struggles.

He's also our strength when we think we can't go any farther on our own when we are mired in a desperate situation.

For whatever crisis we may face, the Lord is our SOS call.

God is present for us today in the small moments and also in the big SOS-type days. He is our refuge no matter what. We can take solace in that today whatever lies ahead.


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