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This 40-page journal was designed to provide you with starter pages to walk your way through the Bible, collecting verses from A to Z on keywords or topics of your choosing.


Each letter was uniquely created by a member of the Bible Quilting community and has been prayed over by each individual designing it. It's been a delightful collaboration of efforts to produce this ABC Bible Quilt as the letter "quilt squares" were sent back and forth for months between BQ members from several states.


This updated version of the original ABC Journal (2023) now has the "stitch" lines already designed for each letter page. Just writed in your selected verses and add your personal embellishing touches!


Overview Video  


The ABC journal includes a set of ABC tabs for you to color, cut, and attach. It also has a set of ABC flip cards that you can cut and trim to put on a binder ring as a set to help you organize your letter ideas & references. This can be a wonderful family activity, seeking out verses for each letter of the alphabet.


You're welcome to join the BQJ Facebook Group to see examples of the #abcsofthebible series using a letter-of-the-week approach. Check out the ABC Bible Quilt board on the site to see how others are creating their ABC pages!


ABC Bible Quilt Journal Intro & Flip-through of original version

ABC Bible Quilt journal with Stitched alpha pages (updated 2023)

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