Chasing Quiet: Day 30 - Bearing Fruit

Before you know it, it will be the season for "making a list and checking it twice."

As we start to navigate through the holiday hustle and bustle, maybe it would help us maintain our focus on the gift of Jesus - - - filtering our actions on whether they will bear fruit for God's kingdom.

Do we need to double-check our intentions as we dive into the holly-strewn path of the holiday?

- As we launch into advent activities with our kids, are we interacting in ways that are gentle and kind?

- As we contribute to charity, are we being generous and truly giving from the goodness of our hearts?

- When we decorate our homes, are we discovering joy and looking forward to opening our homes to others during this season?

- As we shop for loved ones, can we maintain self-control and avoid the "one for him, one for me" slippery slope?

- When we are standing in long checkout lines, are we demonstrating patience? (you may prefer the term "long-suffering" when the checker puts on her blinking light for manager assistance)