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Chasing Quiet: Day 14 - Quiet Strength

What  3 adjectives would you use to describe yourself?

1. _______________________

2. _______________________

3. _______________________

At a Bible study a while back, the leader asked the women present to describe themselves in 3 words. The most common descriptor given was "anxious." The second most common response was "exhausted."

Keep in mind that this was a group of young Christian women already firmly connected to a church body. Their collective response of "anxious and exhausted" seems to reflect the stress of daily life in this non-stop world of ours. Add raising children to the mix and the stress cranks up another notch.

As a whole, I think,  our spirits are just plain weary.

John Ortberg calls this "soul-fatigue."

I imagine this weariness as feeling like a shadow of our former selves, chronically underpowered for the persistent demands of the day.

Does this sound familiar? Are YOU weary?

Perhaps something we can cling to in this pursuit of Quiet in a very Loud world, is this nugget of truth tucked into Isaiah 30:15.

***Our strength can be renewed by RETURNING to the Lord, 

trusting Him with our daily cares.***

This journey toward Quiet is an ongoing process.

It's elusive at times... seemingly just out of reach when we need it the most.

I'm striving to seek out peaceful nooks to ponder these wise words, gradually building a buffer against daily stress, returning to the Lord again and again.

In this whispered stillness, I can feel quiet strength returning slowly.

How's YOUR journey toward Quiet? 


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