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Interested in sharing the Bible Quilt with your group?

The Lord is moving in women's hearts to share the Word of God with others, yet sometimes we're not sure how to reach out. The Bible Quilt journal offers a flexible structure to share scripture in a creative way. Let me help you take that next step!


I enjoy coordinating with women to customize ways to introduce Bible Quilting to friends and family.  I've facilitated home sessions, workshops at churches, youth craft nights, and women's retreats. Whether it's a couple friends or a larger group, Bible Quilting can be a sweet addition to your fellowship in Christ.

  • women's Bible studies

  • weekend retreats (great for break-out sessions)

  • family reunions

  • birthday parties

  • 1:1 mentoring

  • mother-daughter sessions

  • Zoom sessions (online small groups or how-to sessions)

Let's brainstorm your vision for your group and spread the Word!


I'd love to hear from you! 

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Bible Quilt Journal Facebook group: 

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"With my Bible Quilt, what starts as a blank canvas becomes a blend of words and colors that center on God's truths. The individual verses meld together in a way that would never have happened otherwise. God's truths entwine harmony with each other to grow and support my faith." - - - Amy J.

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