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Chasing Quiet: Day 27 - Discovering Joy

If most of the week is the "inhale" to push through what we "need" to do, then Sabbath rest is the "exhale" to let it all go for a while.

How do we do that when we're hard-wired for action and when our culture thrives on everything being so fast-paced?

As I've contemplated ways to find more quiet for myself and to be more intentional redefining Sabbath rest, I've struggled with ways to get a "gameplan" during the week to allow more down time on Sundays. The more I've read about Sabbath rest, though, I've been encouraged that it truly is an individualized process.

So, I keep returning to the idea that striving to enter full rest is to focus on things that bring me joy.

Each year as I pull out Christmas decorations, I'm reminded that "joy" tends to be my word for the season as I find it in various forms throughout my house.

Where do YOU discover joy during the holiday season?

As mentioned previously, Sabbath Rest is going to look different for each of us. God created us uniquely, so our recharging process will be specific to us. Rather than provide examples from my personal experience, I'd encourage you to explore what is restful for you.

What is a place that renews your spirit? Is it home or somewhere else?

Is solitude what you crave? Do you feel pulled to have some alone time to regroup from a busy week?

Or is spending quality time with a loved one a way that rejuvenates you? Does reestablishing a personal connection create a buffer for you to feel more prepared to tackle a new week?

What is an activity that rebuilds your sense of identity? What is something that feels authentically you?

Does being out in nature reawaken your senses and help you unplug from the tethers of social media?

Do you have the urge to create something? Would giving yourself "permission" to do something crafty/creative for yourself be fulfilling?

One of my discoveries as I unearthed my  "Joy" decorations was realizing that each one of these was handcrafted during get-togethers with my girlfriends. Inner joy was kindled during the glittery creative process.

The more I consider the benefits of tuning in to our own personal recharge system, the more potential I think we have for true Sabbath rest. As today's verse mentions, we have to strive to enter that rest. We have to protect the time. We have to set parameters for ourselves and others to honor this time.

We have to be willing to make changes, big or small, to move us closer to crafting a quiet vacuum for the Lord to fill us as only He can.

For me, it's allowing myself enough grace in the process to figure out this Sabbath Rest perspective because it doesn't come naturally. Maybe this week it's setting aside a couple hours to focus on what brings joy. Then in a few months it would be carving out half-a-day, eventually striving toward a full day of Sabbath rest.

How might you discover Joy today in your day of rest this week?


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