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Chasing Quiet: Day 22 - Sweet Center

Are you a fan of Oreos?

What about the mega-stuffed variety so you get an extra helping of the sweet filling? This gooey center holds this goodness all together


"Be still BEFORE THE LORD, all mankind..." Zechariah 2:13

Since we’ve already explored “Be Still” earlier this month and “all mankind” is pretty self-explanatory, I’ve been focusing on the sweet middle part of this verse: “before the Lord.”

It’s our chance to slow down and consider the sweet filling sandwiched in this simple, but powerful verse.

It seems like the Old Testament included many “before the Lord” phrases, usually referring to a humble posture or place of sacrificial offering. I’m wondering about what this means for us today?

Some might say it's a posture of being humble “before the Lord" ...head bowed, perhaps reverently kneeling, our hands clasped in prayer.

Others may consider it’s the attitude of how we come “before the Lord” in prayer...having an open mind, a reverent spirit, a respectful demeanor.

Or we may consider our verbal interactions as we go “before the Lord.” Do we have a more hushed or reverent tone than our typical everyday voice? Do we offer terms of endearment or use ancient beloved titles such as “Abba?”

#31daysofquiet Day 22

What about where we come “before the Lord?” Do we think of a particular place where we offer our more earnest prayers? After seeing “The War Room,” have you added a prayer closet to your arsenal?

“But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you." Matthew 6:6

I’ve raised more questions here than provided any answers. I think that’s the beauty of our relationship with God, don't you?

He accepts us wherever we are and with however many questions and doubts we may have. He receives our prayers however they are uttered or whatever position we are in…sitting together saying grace at mealtimes, earnest bedtime prayers with our children snuggled into their beds, behind the wheel running errands, kneeling with our spouse at an altar, or settled around a campfire rejoicing in His nature.

God listens whenever we pray; He is not bound by time zones or job shift hours. He is always there for us.

The more I focus on the sweet center of this verse, that little preposition  “before” stands out to me. The Lord desires for us to put Him BEFORE all the other things. When we make time with Him a priority, everything else seems to slide into place just a little easier.

- - “Be still BEFORE Him, all mankind.” - -


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