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31 Days of Rest

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

What does REST look like for you?

How do you incorporate rest into your daily rhythms of life?

Have you figured out what truly replenishes YOU?


Our Monthly Bible Quilting theme for March is going to be REST - - - something we probably ALL need more of and yearn for.

Hopefully through this series we'll be reminded of the importance of rest to fuel us in our daily endeavors. Maybe we'll even be able to identify some ways we can reclaim intentional REST for ourselves personally as well as for our families.

- - - A shift in the seasons might help us lean in to a posture of rest.

My boys love to read. It's their favorite way to recharge.

I look forward to spring days that are warm enough for them to plop into the hammock and read in the afternoon sun.

I'll admit that they're way better at lounging than me. I struggle to put aside the perpetual productive mindset of "doing" and relinquish the to-do list to just "being." So, adopting an attitude of REST is a good focus for me.

Who's with me in this challenge?


This month's co-host for #31daysofrest is Alice from Alabama, who gathers weekly with some sweet friends to Bible Quilt together. They started journaling the #abcsofthebible series last summer and are already nearing the end of the alphabet. They've shared some of their uniquely creative pages in the BQ Facebook group and have popped in occasionally with encouraging words and comments.

I love how we've connected across the miles as Sisters-in-Christ!

They recently snapped a picture of part of their group and shared a sample of their BQ journals with us:

I love the variety and patterns these quilters create on their Bible Quilt Journal pages!

Alics has collected verses on Rest from all over the Bible for us to create with this month. The 31Days of Rest reference list is available in the shop. Use the code FREELIST to get the download free.

We'll be sharing some of our BQ verses on our 31-day template spread throughout the month and invite YOU to follow along with us! Drop some comments/photos in the comments to let us know how your journey of REST is going for you!

I've added the daily references to a BQ calendar page in my Month-by-Month Bible Quilt Journal and I'm starting on my flip cards. You can use any or all of these tools to create with these verses.

You're invited to linger in these restful scriptures this month along with us. No pressure - just rooting ourselves together in the Word 'cause it helps to ground us in these busy times. My hope is that this focus on REST can help prepare our hearts for the Easter season. ❤

Check this Events link for upcoming BQ sessions in March.

Even shamrocks "rest" by closing up at night ☘️

Happy Leap Day, friends!

Enter code LEAP to get 29% off digital products on February 29th!

P.S. If you're interested in a little outside reading on the topic of rest, I loved this book by Shelly Miller that I read a couple years ago. I'm going to be reviewing it again as a reminder of ways to REST in HIM.

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