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Chasing Quiet: Day 3 - Wait Quietly

Our daily lives involve a lot of waiting...from grocery store lines to traffic lights and everything in between.

Hurry and wait.

Hurry and wait some more.

How do you view this WAITING time? What do you do with it?

I realize I spend much of my WAITING time observing other people. I admire people who are able to WAIT with an aura of calm about them...even without scrolling on their phones. We've all seen a myriad of other examples of WAITING styles. (I'll just stop there to keep this on a positive note. 😉)

When I'm waiting in traffic, my patience level fluctuates based on my perception of how much of a hurry I'm in. When I'm running late, I'm tugged way down on my patience continuum. Those red lights seem interminable. However, when I'm not rushed, I'm a much more patient and gracious driver...even waving people in to fill a gap. When others return this favor, we all benefit. Suddenly running errands seems a little more bearable.

I'd like to have more of the calm and patient characteristics in my WAITING persona. That's also how I'd like to approach my time with God ... waiting quietly before Him to see what He has in store for me today.

What will you be WAITING on today?

HOW will you wait?


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댓글 3개

2020년 10월 04일

Lorna - What a strong testimony of family and persevering faith! I'm glad you had family to lean on through that difficult journey of restoration. Sounds like you've regained peace and strength under the shelter of the Almighty's wing. Thank you for sharing. Bless you!


익명 회원
2020년 10월 04일

I crave the quiet!! I'll sit in my bedroom with the door shut the blinds closed and the curtains partway shut, cutting out the noise. I close my eyes and I start to clear all the busyness and noisiness from my mind. When I feel "empty and at peace" I can allow my mind and heart to think and feel things from God and let Him in. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?? Fifteen to 20 years ago, I was so close to God and Jesus Christ and this was easy for me to do and it was natural and happened in my life daily and often!

Then my life fell apart!! Divorce, lost home, job, vehicle, my blessed life was no…


2020년 10월 03일

It is so hard to be QUIET with all this noise. Being still is a discipline. Still learning.

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