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Month-to-Month Bible Quilt® Journal

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

New Year. New strategy...

I've got several BQ journals going and have multiple devotionals/studies in progress, so in an attempt to get myself organized I created a Month-by-Month BQ journal. See if it's something that might work for you, too!

Let me show you a sneak peek:

This journal includes templates for a full year that can be completed as you go.

Each month has a 2-page spread for a monthly theme with a BQ template preceding each spread. It can be decorated to correspond with your month's theme or be something totally different.

The facing page to each BQ template is blank. I'm using this space to add a blank calendar, which I'm filling in with dates and info re: my devotional readings. If you've got a Bible reading plan, you can easily incorporate this also.

I'm adding the letter-of-the-week to help me stay on track with the #abcsofthebible series. It's also helpful to add the lesson # for my Community Bible Study each week.

I'm using the monthly flip card set to collect my daily verses for monthly themes I'm Bible Quilting.

For January I did #31daysofhope.

Each daily verse is written on the flip cards and then Bible Quilted onto the 31-day template. I carry the flip card set along with me in my purse/car as a way to reinforce daily verses.

These pages and flip cards can be used over and over whenever you need that particular theme to focus on depending on family circumstances or your season of life. If you have someone you'd like to share some encouraging verses, you could give them a flip card set you've created for them.

Also included in the Month-to-Month Bible Quilt Journal is a set of monthly tabs for you to color, cut, and attach to your journal.

I made a copy of my colored tab set so that I could glue them back to back for visibility from both sides, then I laminated them for durability.

(optional step; just giving you ideas!)

There's also a set of blank tabs included. As we progress through the year and share page ideas, you can add these into your journal or create with your own devotional theme.

This is a work in progress and I'll be sharing my ideas re: how to use the Monthly BQ along the way. As we harvest verses for each month, I'll be adding a list of references in the shop. Use the coupon code FREELIST to get a free printable of the list. You're welcome to follow along with our themes, but you can totally do your own also!

In addition to the printed Monthly BQ journal, there's also a pdf version in the online shop to download. Included in the shop's description are some options re: getting it bound or using it in a 3-ring binder system.

I'm OPEN to your feedback and ideas re: how you might use this Month-to-Month BQ journal!

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