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Chasing Quiet: Day 10 - Be Still

Do you remember that scene in "Pretty Woman" when the hot-shot businessman character played by Richard Gere rolls up his suit pants, takes off his shoes, and walks around barefoot in the grass? He looked awkward and unsure.(Well, as awkward as Richard Gere can pretend to look.)

He was unsettled about a decision of the heart. He was trying to ground himself, to help clarify for himself what he really wanted and who he wanted to share his life with.

When we are feeling restless and unsettled, how do we still ourselves to calm the inner turmoil?

It helps to have something to cling to in times of stress and uncertainty. Psalm 46:10 is a reminder that God is our rock in time of trouble.

 - - "Be still and KNOW that I am God." - - 

That's pretty straightforward, right?

God wants us to remember in our smallness that He is infinite and mighty.

We tend to put our own human perspective on God, narrowing Him, yet He is so much more than we can imagine when we don't box Him in.

- - -B e   s t i l l - - -

Two little words yet so powerful in their potential.

What insights can we gain if we give ourselves permission to just BE STILL a while today?

Kick off your shoes, 

take a quiet walk in the grass...

and see what awakens in you.


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