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Chasing Quiet: Day 7 - Restore

As summer transitioned into back-to-school school routines, watering became a hit-or-miss chore in the garden.

Some plants toughened up.

A rebellious flower even sprang up in the midst of a pathetic little strawberry if to taunt me.

Other plants put on a blatant show of "forgotten" and withered away.

When we are running and going non-stop, our spirits grow weary and we wither, too.

Our God is gracious to replenish us. When we seek Him, He gives back to us. 

He restores...and we revive a bit. He can bear fruit in us even when we think we have nothing left to offer.

These "surprise lilies" that erupt at the end of the summer are always a sweet reminder of God's restorative power in creation...and in us.

Day 7 #31daysofquiet

In some seasons we may experience a "full charge" like those extended family vacations during the summer break that fill everybody up.

In our ordinary days, we may only be able to refresh in Him with a few snatches of Quiet here and there, but God is faithful to pour back into us. He recharges us with mini-power boosts as only He can.

Day 7 #31daysofquiet

As you trudge through your week, may you find some calm moments to allow the Lord to instill some soulful restoration in you.


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