Bible Quilting Month-by-Month: 2020

2020 was our first year to join together with a monthly theme and #biblequilt a daily verse on that monthly topic. That's 365 verses written by hand and tucked into our hearts!

We've got some newcomers joining us this year, so I thought it would be helpful to show some completed pages. These monthly spreads are wonderful resources to tap into again and again for yourself and to share with others when they need particular encouragement.

31 Days of Hope (January 2020)

29 Days of Heart (February 2020)

31 Days of Rest (March 2020)

30 Days of Resurrection (April 2020)

31 Days of Faith (May 2020)

30 Days of Strength (June 2020)

31 Days of Courage (July 2020)

31 Days of Comfort (August 2020)

30 Days of Trust (September 2020)

31 Days of Quiet (October 2020)

30 Days of Gratitude (November 2020)