30 Days of Gratitude

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Last November I followed a series called #gratitudedocumented2019 and adapted it to my own #biblequiltjournal technique.

I used the monthly flip card set to gather up my own verses, using the Bible translation that was most impactful to me. This allowed me to type or write out full verses on the cards to gauge the length of the verses to determine the main word/phrase I add to my #biblequiltjournal page.

Ultimately, it provided me with a handy set to carry with me in my purse or car so the daily verse is reinforced as I move throughout my day. (You could also pass along a completed set to a friend to give them a quick start on a page, or just to encourage them.)

I finished my verses on my flip card set, slipping them onto a binder ring. Next I glued my template pages into my Bible Quilt journal. I did a washi border around the edges on both pages so the 2-page spread looks more continuous.

The quilt blocks on the templates are intentionally not numbered, so you can have variety as you do different themes. It also gives you a chance to number in whatever sequence works for you. You can handwrite, stamp or use stickers to number each square.