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Titles and stickers

We've got a great line-up of monthly topics to explore throughout 2021 together!

I've made up some lists of variations of our theme words that I plan to use throughout my Monthly Bible Quilt Journal, so I thought I'd share some ideas with you, too.

You can simply use this printable to "cut and paste" the topics in your BQ journal.

Or you can make your own stickers!

Put a full sheet shipping label in your printer and create a whole page of title stickers to use in your Monthly Bible Quilt Journal on your flip card sets, journal tabs, or on the 2021 BQ calendar.

A couple options that Bible Quilters recommend:

The Monthly BQJ and the BQ Calendar both have a blank banner on each calendar page that you can use as a space to put the monthly topic.

Cut out the topic word, peel off the backing and put in the banner for a simple, yet polished title for your calendar page!

By using clear labels, you can color in the background of your page however you'd like and the title sticker will show up on it nicely.

Or if you're cutting & pasting, just trim the topic word to fit the space and glue it down.

After you've cut all of your topic titles, it can be tricky keeping up with the small pieces until you're ready to use them.

I'm repurposing an Altoids tin to keep my cut pieces in. Since it's magnetic, I'm using a couple magnets inside the tin to keep them sorted.

Once you've experimented with making stickers for one project, you'll be able to use this resource in a variety of ways. We discussed this in one of our recent Zoom chats, so you can watch the replay for additional tips.

Using this technique on the BQ Calendar

I'm playing around with the 2020 topic list to personalize some BQ Calendars as gifts this Christmas.

Adding the titles, seasonal planner stickers, and some washi tape will "warm up" the pages. I'll send along the monthly reference lists for the recipients to choose which verses they'd like to add.

~~~ Have questions? Got ideas? Let's chat! ~~~

Our last Zoom chat for the year is this coming Tuesday EVENING, Dec. 15th 7:00 p.m. central. Hope you can join us for the year-end wrap-up as we look forward to our 2021 #biblequilting goals! RSVP


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