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31 Days of Joy

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

We've trudged through a lot in 2020, so we're all yearning for some J-O-Y to wind down this year up well, aren't we? Let's dive into 31 Days of Joy this December and glean some things to rejoice about!

This month's list of references was cultivated by my sister-in-law who has the natural ability to see the JOY in seasons of hardship and find the JOY in small details of everyday life.

Join us as we tuck into scripture this month and reap the JOYS of this unique season!

I know life gets a little more hectic this month, so figure out what works for you to maintain JOY in the process.

You may enjoy the creative outlet of completing a 2-page spread in your #monthlybiblequiltjournal with all the verses like we've been doing this year.


You may want to do a Monthly Flip Card set with the verses, then use it as an advent/devotional topic with your family each evening at the dinner table.


If you have the original Bible Quilt Journal, you could use this reference list to complete that page or do the JOY template.

You may even use the #31daysofjoy reference list to create some joy-filled Christmas pages freestyle in your Bible Quilt journal that you can display in your home throughout the season. I'd encourage you to choose whatever process brings you Joy, settling you into the heart of the season and not the busy-ness of it!

This year's celebrations may look and feel significantly different than those of Christmas past, but the message of Christ's arrival for us is the same.

And in HIM we can all rejoice!

"But as for me, your strength shall be my song of Joy. At each and every sunrise, my lyrics of your love will fill the air! For You have been my Glory-Fortress, a Stronghold in my day of distress." Psalm 59:16 (the Passion Translation)


Paired with the December pages in the Monthly BQJ is the Bells template, which you can use for a variety of themes during this holiday season. I've started with just a few embellishments to "warm up" the page before we get into the month and I choose a theme for it.

Other Christmas templates might inspire you in different ways.

Now, go find your joy, friends!



Bonus Resources

Find Joy in the Lord (free printable from TN Mama Journals)

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