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Bible Quilting + Bible Journaling = Saturation in the Word

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Bible Quilting brings verses together on a journal page, showing how themes weave throughout the whole Bible. We can "stitch" New Testament and Old Testament verses to connect them in an innovative way that offers us fresh perspectives.

Bible Quilt® journaling allows us to soak up an individual verse in its surrounding context, then slow ourselves down to illustrate it in our own unique style, reflecting on the scripture's deeper meaning in our current circumstances.

I'm building upon my #biblequilting experience from last November as I #biblejournal those same verses this year. Repetition does wonders to ignite memory triggers as we revisit familiar passages.

I'm using my BQ flip card set I made last year as a handy guide to keep on track.

I like the connections between both of these journaling processes, allowing the ebb and flow of the Holy Spirit to nudge our creativity as we explore scripture in a highly personal way.

My approach is not big or bold. I keep it pretty simple by highlighting the key verses I'm focused on and adding a summary title that captures the essence of the passage for me. Then I add a few embellishments with stickers or washi tape.

My journaling Bible is ESV and my "regular" Bible is NIV from which I typically pull my verses for my #biblequilting pages, so I gain some insight through different terms used between the two.

As we're on this journey of 30 Days of Gratitude, I hope you enjoy seeing your Bible Quilt Journal pages emerge into a colorful tapestry of verses.

Remember you can display your BQJ on a table/counter as a sweet reminder of these scriptural truths as you navigate your daily routines and prepare for the upcoming holidays.

If you're ready to dabble with Bible journaling, go for it!

I know my own artistic limits and want to bypass any hesitations that would be a barrier to me actually creating in my Bible, so I use what I have on hand to get me started.

I'm even experimenting with using some of our Bible Quilt templates as a pattern to trace in my Bible.

Since this particular page had more white space available, I tried it with my new Sunflower...and it worked like a charm!

We're halfway through November, folks. I hope your Gratitude bucket is filling up!!


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