Favorite supplies for Bible Quilt® journaling

Updated: Apr 29

Once you have your Bible Quilt Journal and you flip to the first page you'd like to start, you might have questions about what supplies you might need to get started.

I'd encourage you to experiment with resources you may already have, so you can get started on the process of Bible Quilting and gradually identify what supplies might work best for your particular style. Keeping it simple at the beginning will help prevent you from getting overwhelmed by all the possibilities.

Keep in mind that your journal will expand over time as you add embellishments, just as YOU will be growing as you spend more time in the Scripture. Take your time and enjoy the journey!

To help you along, I've compiled a list of the typical supplies I've used.

Pens & Pencils

The "tried and true" pens that I've used for years are Papermate Flair pens that come in bold colors, don't bleed through, and last a long time.

For years I've used Crayola pencils from my boys' school stash and they worked fine.

Last year I received a gift of a boxed set of prismacolor pencils and love the smooth application and array of deep hues. There's a botanical set that has great combo of natural colors.

I recently discovered that eyebrow pencil sharpeners work great to sharpen colored pencils, too! I tucked a small one with a removable lid into my pencil drawer and it's now readily available at my craft table.

Whenever I need to sharpen a batch of pencils, I use an electric pencil sharpener.


Often when I'm using larger hand-lettering, I'll outline letters with the Papermate Flair Pens, then fill in with a gel or glitter pen. These Kaiser Color gel pens have worked great to add a touch of shine/glitter to titles and highlighted words.

For metallic pens, I've had good luck with Uni-ball Signo pens (white, gold & silver). They write consistently well.

I also like this set of Fiber-Castell pens because they come in a variety of tip sizes (AKA nibs). You can experiment with them to see what works best for your hand-lettering style. It's also a great way to get a different look just by using a broader or thinner tip.

You don't have to have "fancy" pens. Use what you're comfortable with and just make sure they don't bleed through the page. (If bleed-through does occur at any point, then you can glue a template page on the back side for a fresh start.)

To corral pens and pencils, I use zippered pen pouches that are handy to carry around with my journal. These are available in the BQ Bonus Kit and include a set of the Papermate Flair pens, too!

Washi Tape

I gather up washi tape from a variety of sources. Try your local craft/hobby stores as well as discount stores. You can also purchase washi tape online. Start with some basic colors and different widths.

The quantity on a roll and the quality of "stickability" varies between different brands. I've learned you can add a swipe of glue to help adhere it to a BQJ page (but you won't be able to reposition it once you've glued it.)


I use a simple Elmer's glue stick to attach tabs and templates to my #biblequiltjournal pages. You could also use glue runners or glue dots. I favor the regular glue sticks because they're inexpensive and readily available, especially during back-to-school season when I like to stock up.


Stickers add a fun pop of color when used in titles or to add an illustration that otherwise would be hard to draw. You can find them anywhere craft supplies are sold. Like washi tape, I tend to pick them up here and there.

I've just added a STICKER MEDLEY option to my online store. You can get an assortment of 3 sticker sheets as an ADD-ON to any physical Bible Quilt Journal order.

Want to print your own sticker pages? I've used these full sheet shipping labels and they've been great! I would recommend filling up the page as much as possible with your images and texts to maximize the space.

Since we repeat the topic words so many times in our monthly #biblequilting series, I'm experimenting by making some lists of these words that I can incorporate in my pages as I go.

Some journaling sites offer free printables that you can make into sticker sheets.

Sample: Garments of Splendor - Loved


A bunch of options for stamps are looming out there for you to choose from! I like to have a variety of letter sizes, but again, you can start with a basic set to see how much you'll actually use them.

My favorite alphabet set is this click-together stamp set because you can align all the letters together and stamp a full word at one time.

Feb 2021 update: I recently found this small set of alpha stamps and they're working great for the limited space in the Monthly BQJ quilt squares. medium size UPPERCASE

Another option is acrylic stamps. The main benefit to this style of stamp is that you can see through it to more accurately place your word on the page. Usually the stamp block has grid lines on it to assist with alignment.

You can find acrylic sets that have a variety of words & designs to help you embellish pages or individual sheets with flowers/leaves. Consider what words/images you're most likely to use over and over again rather than get too many that you won't use that often. I've got a sheet of the Fruit of the Spirit characteristics that I probably use the most. (Sorry, I can't find the link for these, but chances are I found it at Hobby Lobby.) There's a Names of God acrylic set coming out that I've got on my wish list.