Prepping your 2021 Monthly Bible Quilt® Journal

Updated: Feb 3

As you flip through your #monthlybiblequiltjournal and get excited about the year ahead, there are some things you can do now to prepare it for our exploration of monthly themes in 2021. Ready to "move in" to it??

I intentionally had the BQ journals printed white so that you have a "blank canvas" to personalize with your own color scheme. I'll share with you how I set mine up and you can tweak the process however it suits YOU!

I used some number stickers to put the year on the front cover. You can add your name, a motivational sticker, etc.

Since this year's binding coil is blue, I chose some blue washi tape to outline the edges. I used a standard-width washi so it would fold over the edge, essentially framing both sides of the cover. You can use contrasting colors or even mix and match. The front has a protective plastic cover, which helps its durability throughout the year. You can add a washi tape border on the back cover to reinforce those edges, too.

Then I tied a couple ribbons on the spiral for a little bonus texture. You can tie on a tag with the year, your name, or an inspirational sticker. (You don't have to all of this at one time...mine tends to "collect personality" as the year unfolds.)

Adding Tabs

At the back of the journal is a set of monthly tabs that you can tear out, color and attach.

Tip: When you tear out the tab page, hold the spiral firmly so the coil doesn't get stretc