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Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Our April 2020 theme is 30 Days of Resurrection as we prepare our hearts and minds for the Easter season.

"I AM the Resurrection and the Life..." John 11:25

Veronica, a Bible Quilter in Germany who has become an international "pen pal" of mine, has generated our scripture reference list for us this month.

It's available as a free printable with code FREELIST.

You can use a BQ monthly calendar to track your daily verses or add them into your regular planner.

I usually write in all the scripture references for the full month, then shade each day as I go.

I typically start my monthly topic by writing all the verses out on a flip card set. This helps me get familiar with the verses. I write out the full scripture on these and sometimes even the verse preceding/following it to put it in context. When I get to that day on my #30daysof_____ page, I can shorten it as the space allows.

Here's a sample of Veronika's flip card set:

Veronika graciously shared her pages for April 2020: 30 Days of Resurrection with us to give us a sample peek at all of these wonderful verses she chose this month. She used the Cross template as her first page.

Since she's in Germany and relying on BQ printables, she's using some different types of paper. Doesn't this spread look cheerful on the bold yellow?

This is a tender season for us locally, nationally, and globally.

Now more than ever we need the reassurance of Jesus and to shine the Light for others to see.

I hope as we walk through #30daysofresurrection together, our eyes and hearts are opened up in new ways to HIM and through Him.

"Open our eyes Lord; we Want to see Jesus..."

If you find yourself humming/singing during this Easter season, you might want to do some BQ pages on your favorite hymns or worship songs...especially if you're missing your congregation in full worship mode!

On that "note," friends, I'll sign off and keep your health & safety in my prayers!

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