31 Days of Wisdom -> Jan 2021

Updated: Jan 20

NEW YEAR. Fresh perspective.

Let's face it. 2020 has been a doozy. Let's glean what lessons we've learned from living through a pandemic season and focus on 31 Days of Wisdom for the wintry month of January and launch the new year well!

There's something invigorating about starting a freshly printed journal and personalizing it for the year ahead.

Grab your Month-by-Month Bible Quilt Journal and join us on a journey through scripture as we explore a new topic each month of the year!

I'm kickstarting my preparation for our January theme by decorating my calendar page and adding the daily references.

Reference lists & Bookmarks

Here's the link to the first quarter's list of references. They're formatted so you can cut them into bookmarks, which can be slipped into the book pocket at the back of the journal so they will be easily accessible.