31 Days of Comfort

August is usually a flurry of end-of-summer vacations, back-to-school shopping, and building excitement as we get our kiddos ready for a new year of school. The transitions this year feel a bit wonky, don't they?

Some of us are continuing with virtual learning, while others are doing a blended version, and the rest are gearing up for face-to-face classes with a whole variety of "novel" variations.

As we prepare our families for these new adjustments, we probably all feel on edge as we tentatively step forward into uncertain territory.

It seems like a good time to reassure ourselves through scripture, seeking Comfort in the Word to keep those anxious jitters at bay.

So, let's build ourselves up with a bundle of verses on comfort and encouragement to lift up our weary souls!

I'm using a "sunny" theme as a mood booster...and acknowledging the reality of August heat continuing to simmer away one sunny day after another!

For my BQ Flip cards, I tried something different this month.

I used the Blue Letter Bible app to search out 31 verses on Comfort, then copied them into a word document.

Once I had my final collection of verses selected, I printed out the Comfort verses on a golden yellow paper for a bright pop of color. I trimmed down the verses to fit my flip cards, then I glued them on and added a few embellishments along the way.

I drew some little push pins as an embellishment to mimic a bulletin board note.

I snagged one of my sons to hole-punch the cards (you're welcome to borrow this labor tip!) and then slid the set onto a binder ring.

To brighten up my 31-day template set, I lightly brushed the pages with a yellow ink pad.

You can number your quilt squares as you go throughout the month or write them in all at once.

I like to prep as much in advance as possible because it simplifies the daily process of my devotional time. Often I'll do my prep or add other doodles on my monthly pages while I'm "watching" the news for a positive distraction.


Keep in mind that this is a resource you're building that you can refer to in the future for difficult times....or perhaps use references from it when you're sending an encouragement/condolence card to a friend.

You can create this 2-page spread in the Monthly BQJ or on separate template pages.

Using the BQJ Monthly Calendar Pages

I jotted the scripture references onto my BQ monthly calendar as a habit tracker.

I also added a reminder re: the letter-of-the week for the ABC Bible Quilt Journal.