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29 Days of Heart

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

~ ~ ~ Happy Leap Year, friends! ~ ~ ~

I designed a 29-day template set especially for this "bonus" day we get this year.

Does it feel like we're getting an extra day of something this year?

I thought we might all be able to use a little extra kindness and compassion, so I'm going to do my pages on "29 Days of Heart." It's a broad topic that can include love, compassion, friendship, and kindness.

What theme are you going to focus on for February??

You can follow along with my verses, focused on heart, or choose your own theme!

My first verse connects the #31daysofhope with this month's #29daysofheart.

"Be Strong and take heart all who hope in the Lord."

Psalm 31:25

I'm doing the dates and references in the style of conversation hearts.

You can add these template pages to your Bible Quilt journal any time. Simply use a glue stick to apply adhesive liberally on the back of the template page, then press firmly into your BQ journal. You can add washi tape around the border to reinforce it.

Remember that you don't have to squish the whole verse into the quilt square. Highlight the main phrase with a different color or hand-lettering style. If you're doing a flip card set, you'll have the full verse there, plus you'll have the references here on this page if you want to go deeper into that passage at a later date.


Ready for page two!

I used the same color palette and washi tape for continuity of the 2-page spread, adding stitches around some of the conversation hearts to make them look a little more "quilt-y."

I add just a little bit of washi tape here and there to have a visual break from the text, but not so much that it's distracting. Sometimes I'll have a sticker of the key word.You can also use stamps to highlight main words/phrases.

Once I've got all the verses done, I typically add some final touches, adding embellishments or shading in more areas.

I love reading over whole pages on the same theme because it shows you how these concepts are woven throughout the entire Bible. This collection of "Take heart" verses from Old Testament times to the New Testament days is a wonderful reassurance for us today.

I hope this helps you get a sense of how to complete a 2-page spread.😊 The Month-to-Month Bible Quilt Journal includes these sets for a full year. The more you do, the easier it will become to manage the format. You'll develop a GREAT RESOURCE for you and your family to use in future months/years!!

You can add in a BQ Monthly calendar to plot out daily verses for you & your family.

Flip Card Sets for Daily Verses

If you make a corresponding flip card set, then you can carry it easily in your purse or car to have available for encouragement on busy days or to use as a memorization tool!

List of Daily References

If you'd like to use the same verses I did, I made a printable list for you: References for 29 Days of Heart.

Use the coupon code FREELIST to download it for free.

It's printed in two columns so you can cut it in half and easily share with a friend!


Special LEAP DAY sale: 29% off all digital products:

Enter the code LEAP to get this deal - - - only on February 29th!


Have YOU done a BQ page on Love, Compassion, or Heart?

The heart template or the Mother's Heart template might offer you a quick start:

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