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31 Days of Courage

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Our July theme of the month is COURAGE, which dovetails nicely after our focus on Strength in June.

Since there are several verses that use the phrase "Strong and Courageous," you might find you're in familiar territory if you did our June series on Strength.

I find it comforting to have similar themes woven together throughout scripture, don't you?

"Be strong and very courageous." Joshua 1:7

I've used this verse multiple times for a variety of pages, especially for my guys. Repetition helps these verses soak in deeper for me...and for them, too.

One of my favorite things about Bible Quilting is stitching verses from the Old & New Testament together on a journal page to see how a particular topic thread is repeated. It's like a rhythmic heartbeat to steady us, reminding us of the strong foundation we have in God.

My friend from Community Bible Study, Fran, has gathered up a wonderful collection of scriptures on Courage. You can download the 31 Days of Courage Reference List and join us!

If you want to jazz up your list, you can print it out on some colorful, seasonal paper. (I keep forgetting to do this myself, but thought I'd pass along that idea!!)

I like to look up each verse and write it in its entirety on my BQ flip cards. (Most are from the NIV unless otherwise noted.) If you want to do a word study or comparison of different versions, you could easily write another translation on the back side of your flip cards.

Making the Flip Card Set is the first round of becoming familiar with these verses. As we engage with these scriptures in different ways, we learn them better and may begin to recognize the applications they have for our lives today.

I did my flip card set a little differently this month. I wrote all the verses out on the printout pages first, then cut them and added some color and embellishments.

I've had some people ask how to make the Flip Card sets. Here's a little video overview that might help you out!

Once I've got my flip card set prepped, I'm ready to start my 31-day page, using the set as a handy reference throughout the month. (When you're finished with it, you could pass the set along to a friend to get her started!)

Sometimes the daily verse is too long for my quilt square, so I write part of it or highlight the phrase that reflects the monthly theme the most. Remember this is YOUR process, so personalize your pages however is meaningful to you...whatever keeps you coming back to it!

You can embellish with stickers or draw illustrations that provide a visual memory trigger.

Focus on each daily quilt square, praying and reflecting on that scripture while you doodle and illustrate. These "extra touches" slow us down and allow these words of encouragement and wisdom to saturate our spirits.

Jotting down the references on the BQ Calendar page helps me track throughout the month. Adding seasonal embellishments is a way to be intentional about how I'm infusing scripture into the holidays or special events coming up.

The Flag template is included in the Monthly BQ journal for July. You can create a page using the theme of Courage or a combination of Courage & Freedom.

If you have a family member celebrating a birthday in July, you could decorate the flag template in honor of that person.

These colorful pages are wonderful to have displayed throughout the month as a tangible way to infuse scripture into 4th of July celebrations or family activities.

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord..."

Psalm 33:12

Our nation continues to be under siege, combatting #covid19 and battling for racial unity. It is a pivotal time to rally in prayer for courage in Christ.


Update 7/31/2020

This is how my completed #31daysofcourage turned out. My flip card set will be handy to keep in my car as a quick reference when I need to pray boldly re: something that's weighing on my heart.

I hope this series helps you be emboldened in Christ to face whatever comes your way!

31 Days of Courage
Download PDF • 118KB

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Jun 27, 2020

Yes, Fran! This was the first time I've done it this way and was easier to manage. I wrote them all out in just black ink, intending to copy the pages with the verses written out BEFORE I cut them. btw - This would be an effective way to make copies of the verses for your grandkids to follow along with you! They can cut their set and embellish them however they'd like.


Jun 27, 2020

I like the idea of writing the verses before you cut. Duh.

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