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30 Days of Trust

Late summer flowers are stubbornly hanging in there for these last sultry days of August. Do you feel like you're rallying to "keep your chin up" during these dog days of summer, too?

September is about to slip in here soon and hopefully drag some fall weather in with it.

Our kids are getting back to school and we're trying to adjust to new routines, tackling weekly menu plans and adding fall activities onto the calendar even though the shadow of Covid looms to interrupt things once again.

It's a tenuous season we continue to tromp through, trusting the Lord along the way.

My neighbor friend, Mary Jo, has gathered up some great verses for us to focus on TRUST this month. You're invited to download the reference list for 30 Days of Trust and join us on this journey!

Getting Started

I printed the list and a flip card set on green card stock that I had available. I laminated the list because I was traveling and planning on doing my flip card set on the road. Instead of cutting the pages into individual cards, this time I left them on full sheets so they would be easier to handle. I slipped them onto a clipboard and wrote out my verses while it was my hubby's turn to drive. I kept it simple by alternating two colors of G2 pens, allowing myself to embrace the occasional "oops" as we encountered bumps on the road.

You can do these flip card sets different each month, choosing various colors of papers and pens. Whatever floats your boat!

Mary Jo's set is printed on white card stock colorful with cute little doodles.

Once I'd written out the full verses on the flip cards, I prepped my BQ calendar page next.

I added the verse references onto my September calendar, using some fall-inspired washi tape and Papermate markers for my color palette.

You could also jot the references onto your daily planner or just use the #30daysoftrust reference list as a bookmark to help you keep track of daily verses.

The word "trust" is small enough I'm using my click-together stamps to highlight it in verses and for the title on the 30-day template page. While I had the ink pad out I rubbed it gently over the page to give it some swooshy background color. (If you want to try this technique and haven't done it before, I'd recommend using a very light colored ink pad and practicing on another blank piece of paper first to see how you like it. Brush it very can always shade more with colored pencils later.)

TRUST the process!

The featured #biblequiltjournal template for September is the Path template. I chose this template for this time of year because it represents a shift for so many of us into a new school routine, the beginning of college for some, a transition to fall sports, or just a change of course as we enter a new season with different activities/holidays.

A path often represents an exploration through something or a a journey toward something. Along the way we have to trust in the process, putting one foot in front of the other, and sometimes leaning on others for help.

When we seek God first, petitioning for guidance and wisdom on a particular path, we have to intentionally put our trust in Him. Often we have to remind ourselves of this intentional trusting daily because we feel the uncertainty of what's looming down that path and need to release our frail sense of human control to allow God's outcome for us to unfold in His timing.

I chose some scrabble tiles for the title to get me started and I'm praying about some family things currently going on to help me determine the direction for this page.

(Yes, I covered up the word PATH on the template. It's up to you! I've done this template before focusing on the topic "path" so decided that my focal point of this one will be "trust.")

What journey are YOU on right now? Does your path seem pretty rocky?

Any particular worries or concerns that you need to

turn over to God and trust in His care?


"Trust in the Lord forever

for the Lord is


Isaiah 26:4


I hope as we each focus on following God's path for us - individually and as a family - that we gain clarity and peace about how His Will is honored in this journey of trusting in Him.

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9 Yorum

30 Eyl 2020

Here's my neighbor friend, Linda's #30daysoftrust pages. Isn't it colorful?


30 Eyl 2020

Wrapping up the #30daysoftrust series and loving the wisdom gained in all these verses!


09 Eyl 2020

How is your journey of #30daysoftrust going for the first week?


31 Ağu 2020

Amy, Isn’t God’s timing wonderful? You’re on a new Path & TRUSTing in Him. 🙌 Can’t wait to see what kind of #biblequiltjournal page you might do on the Names of God!


I am just starting out with the Bible quilt journal. I have been writing verses daily since April. I'm happy I found this option.

Putting my Trust in God is very appropriate at this time as I move from my parents home where I've been living since my divorce and move into my own apartment. I'm trusting that He will provide. I'm also studying the names of God with a group of women and we just learned about Jehovah-Jireh = The Lord will provide.

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