30 Days of Trust

Late summer flowers are stubbornly hanging in there for these last sultry days of August. Do you feel like you're rallying to "keep your chin up" during these dog days of summer, too?

September is about to slip in here soon and hopefully drag some fall weather in with it.

Our kids are getting back to school and we're trying to adjust to new routines, tackling weekly menu plans and adding fall activities onto the calendar even though the shadow of Covid looms to interrupt things once again.

It's a tenuous season we continue to tromp through, trusting the Lord along the way.

My neighbor friend, Mary Jo, has gathered up some great verses for us to focus on TRUST this month. You're invited to download the reference list for 30 Days of Trust and join us on this journey!

Getting Started

I printed the list and a flip card set on green card stock that I had available. I laminated the list because I was traveling and planning on doing my flip card set on the road. Instead of cutting the pages into individual cards, this time I left them on full sheets so they would be easier to handle. I slipped them onto a clipboard and wrote out my verses while it was my hubby's turn to drive. I kept it simple by alternating two colors of G2 pens, allowing myself to embrace the occasional "oops" as we encountered bumps on the road.