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31 Days of HOPE

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Since so many months have 31 days, I thought I'd share some example photos of a 2-page spread on #hope that I did on the 31-day template.

You can kick off January 2020 with HOPE or choose another 31-day month later in the year.

First I stamped the dates on each of the quilting squares, loosely going left to right and back again. You can add the numbers as you go to estimate the amount of room you need for each daily verse.

I added a thin border of washi tape to protect the edges of the pages since I needed to keep them loose to work on them in a variety of settings on-the-go.

Then I started adding verses for each day of the month. I used a flip card set to help me gather and organize verses. This also gives me a handy resource to have in my purse or car to pray over these verses while I'm out and about.

You can harvest your verses by using an app, the concordance in your Bible, or devotionals that have monthly themes.

I like to take verses straight from my NIV.

Sometimes I'll just Bible Quilt the main phrases due to space constraints but always add the reference, so I'll have it for future study.

You can add the template page to your Bible Quilt journal any time. Simply use a glue stick to apply adhesive liberally on the back of the template page, then press firmly into your BQ journal. I typically add washi tape around the border to reinforce it. I often add my tab at this point so I can get it tucked under the washi tape border.

Then, we're ready to start page two!

I used the same color palette for continuity of the 2-page it limited the number of pens I carried with me as I worked on these pages. Keeping it simple during busy times!!

With the 31-day template, you don't have room for too much extra washi tape or doodling. I add just a little bit here and there to have a visual break from the text, but not so much that it's distracting.

I have a couple of word sticker books that I use to pull out key words for pages. You can also use stamps to highlight main words/phrases.

I love reading over whole pages on the same theme because it shows you how these concepts are woven throughout the entire Bible. The fusion of HOPE verses from Old Testament times to the New Testament days is a wonderful reassurance for us in today's world!

I HOPE this helps you get a sense of how to complete a 31-day template spread.😊

The more you do, the easier it will become to manage the format. You'll develop a GREAT RESOURCE for you and your family to use in future months/years!!


Flip Card Sets for Daily Verses

If you make a corresponding 31 Days of Hope flip card set, then you can carry it easily in your purse or car to have available for encouragement on busy days or to use as a memorization tool!

List of Daily Scripture References

If you'd like to use the same verses I did, I made a printable list for you: References for 31 Days of Hope. Use the coupon code FREELIST to download it for free.

It's printed in two columns so you can cut it in half and easily share with a friend!


Have YOU done a BQ page on Hope? Please share in comments below!

It helps others see a range of techniques and a variety of verses.

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