2021 Bible Quilting® Year in Review

We've had a wonderful exploration of scripture this year, diving into twelve topics and creating seasonal pages along the way. Several members of our Bible Quilting community collaborated to construct the monthly reference lists on a variety of themes.

If you've shared in this journey, you've Bible quilted 365 verses plus whatever additional pages you did in between. These pages will be a great resource for years to come!

31 Days of Wisdom (Jan 2021)

31 Days of Wisdom, p 2

28 Days of Love (Feb 2021)

28 Days of Love, p 2

31 Days of Renewal (March 2021)

30 Days of Redemption (April 2021) - - - Video overview

30 Days of Redemption, p 1
30 Days of Redemption, p 2

31 Days of Godly Attributes (May 2021)

30 Days of Grace (June 2021)

31 Days of Freedom (July 2021)

Sample page using verses in a freestyle format: