31 Days of Godly Attributes

During May our series for the Monthly Bible Quilt Journal will be focusing on godly attributes. We'll be exploring scriptures to help us develop Christ-like attributes we want to develop in our personal lives, families, and communities.

Just as nature gradually unfolds its beauty one blossom at a time during this tumultuous spring season, the Lord gradually unveils His beauty within us and for us verse by verse.

Let's use this month to consider this weighty question:

What attributes are we cultivating in our lives to bring forth the glorious bouquet the Lord has in store for us?

- - - Godly Attributes - - -

Much like a bouquet is enhanced by a wide variety of flowers, the body of Christ is made more beautiful by the diverse combination of all of our unique personalities.

Each of us has our own particular talents and diverse interests, so this will be a curious journey to discover how the same collection of verses will impact us differently.

Are you ready to explore this beautiful garden of godly attributes with me?

I'm beginning my prep for our May series by decorating my calendar page with floral washi tape and stickers, adding the daily scripture references along the way.

As we go on daily walks in our neighborhoods or head out on local nature trails, we're also blessed to have the opportunity to have a "daily walk" with the Lord.

As we draw near to Him, what godly attributes are instilled within us?

Psalm 46 offers us some wonderful reminders of the refuge and strength we have in God. In this topsy-turvy world, He is an "ever-present help in trouble." He is with us always, like a fortress to provide us safety like He did for the Israelites so many years ago.

"God is within her, she will not fall."

Thanks to Stephanie, a local Bible Quilting friend, for cultivating the insightful list of references for us to explore this month.

We'll be dipping into many of the "Proverbs 31 woman" verses, so it will be interesting to look at these individual traits and reflect on how they might be applicable for us today.

I started my 31-day page making the title using a polka dot gift tag for a little extra texture.

I gathered up the verses online and made a printed copy to cut & paste onto flip cards.

In addition to May providing us with an array of vibrant flowers, it's also a time of honoring the mother figures in our lives.

A couple years ago after my Mom passed away, we planted a tulip tree in memory of her. That young tree produced a mere four blooms this year, which were quickly swept away by spring