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Prepping your 2022 Monthly Bible Quilt® Journal

Once you've got your Drawing Near to God BQ journal, you're likely eager to get started!

Even though we won't start our daily scripture writing until January, there are some preparatory steps you can do now to be ready to dive into our January pages once the New Year is here.

Be praying and reflecting about your focus for next year.

Do you want to choose a WORD or phrase for the year? Do you have a scripture passage you'd like to memorize or a family goal for the year?

The Word for the Year template may help you explore your word a little deeper and give you a place to gather verses about it.

Consider what your Bible reading goals are for 2022.

If you're planning on reading through the Bible, then you can begin selecting your reading plan now and determine what your strategies are going to be to keep your momentum going. Download another Bible reading tracker to invite your family/friends to read along with you. Accountability is key for this goal!

Bible Reading tracker

Ready for the fun part of "moving in" to your journal?

Personalize your cover: add some washi tape; use markers or stickers to add the year, etc.

Color and Attach the Month Tabs & the Topic Tabs to the Monthly BQ Journal

Here's a video to guide you through the TAB process:

You can review this video from last year for more tips re: Fake Laminating Your Tabs. You do not have to laminate your tabs, but a protective layer of clear packing tape certainly has helped the durability of mine this past year.

Flip Card Set

At the very back of the journal are 6 pages that you can tear out to make one flip card set. Cut along the solid lines to make even squares out of all the cards. Put them in numerical order and slide them onto a binder ring.

Overview of Flip Card Sets here.

Download a printable set here.

Just having a year's worth of blank flip cards ready for 365 scriptures is pretty motivating!

Print the Monthly Reference Lists & Cut into Bookmarks

Download the full set here. Print and cut into individual bookmarks. These can be slipped into the pocket attached to the inside of the back cover of your journal until you're ready for them.

As with many of these preparation steps, you can keep it simple or really get into embellishing these bookmarks. I typically print mine onto card stock and laminate the set for durability. This makes them a little thicker so they don't all fit into the book pocket. I keep 1-2 in the pocket (current month and the next month) and the rest stored with my bundle of flip cards.

2022 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal, flip card sets, & bookmarks

I hope you enjoy the process of settling in to your new BQ journal!

As you prepare your journal, please pray over the whole group of women that will be on this journey along with us next year. We will be scattered around the world yet connected together in these scriptures, drawing near to God.

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you..." James 4:8

You're invited to join us in person or via ZOOM to launch our 2022 series:

Sneak Peek into the Open House via Zoom:


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Dianna, this is very helpful! Thank you for all of your creative ideas!

Nov 21, 2021
Replying to

You can probably demonstrate some finer watercolor techniques! At least I"m trying to expand my repertoire. 😉

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