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30 Days of Grace

Updated: Jul 16, 2021


June's theme for our Month-by-Month Bible Quilt Journal series is

- - - GRACE - - -

I'm getting ready for June by decorating my calendar page with bright washi tape and stickers, adding the daily scripture references along the way.

God's grace is a wonderful gift to us, something we tend overlook in our daily lives as we're swooshing from one activity to another. Perhaps this month we can slooooow down to consider the depth and magnitude of His wondrous grace as we linger in a verse each day.

For my anchor verse this month, I chose one about being strong in grace:

Grace verse on June calendar


"You, then... BE STRONG IN THE GRACE that is IN Christ Jesus."

2 Timothy 2:1


You don't necessarily have to pick an anchor verse, but I like to have one featured on the otherwise blank squares on the calendar page.

Bookmarks and flip card sets

Thanks to Alice, a sweet Bible Quilting friend from Alabama, for cultivating this in-depth list of grace verses for us to explore this month.

The reference list is available in the online shop and can be cut into a cute bookmark.

I've started writing out the full scriptures for this month on a set of flip cards. I enjoy the tangible search of flipping through the thin pages of the Bible, locating a scripture selected from a Bible Quilter a few states a way whom I've never met in person, but has made a heart connection with me through this community.

30 Days of Grace #biblequiltjournal flip cards

With each verse I handwrite, I see the thread of these verses gradually connecting through Alice's choices and sequencing. Even more impactful is the camaraderie of my fellow Bible Quilters joining us in these same scriptures.

30 Days of Grace - June 2021, getting started

I'm also preparing for our June theme by decorating the 2-page spread for the 30-day series.

As I begin filling in quilt squares with each daily verse, I look forward to this tapestry of grace that will unfold as the month progresses. Meditating on these particular scriptures en masse will be soothing to my soul, and hopefully, yours too!

Grace stamp for #biblequiltjournal page

This little word "grace" has a lot of might and power! Let's see what else we discover about it this month... (btw, if you like those little click-together stamps, see this post)

30 Days of Grace, day 1

The Block with Circle template is paired with this month in the 2021 Monthly BQJ. It is a blank slate for us to create a page on Grace or any topic that piques your interest from a sermon or Bible study this month. If you don't have the monthly journal, you have the added flexibility of flipping the template's orientation and creating your page in another perspective.

We might find it hard to go an entire month focusing on grace without having a refrain from "Amazing Grace" floating through our minds. If you get inspired to a page on this beloved hymn, one of the music templates might help you out.

Saved by Grace page in Bible Quilt Journal

And, pssssst.... don't forget that Father's Day is coming up later this month. The Men for Christ template is a great way to focus our prayers for the men in our life. You could even decorate this template as a sweet gift for a Daddy in your life!

Prayer page for Men in Bible Quilt Journal

Ok, my friends. Are you ready to jump into June?

Bible Quilting at The Turquoise Table

JUNE 1st - Summer Kickoff!

AND a Zoom call immediately following the in-person gathering so our BQ Friends can connect from near AND far!

"But as you excel in everything - in faith, in speech, in knowledge,

in all earnestness... see that you excel in this act of grace also."

2 Corinthians 8:7

Lilies by the pool

Let us be FULL of grace, O Lord.



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