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2021 Month by Month Bible Quilt Journal

- - - It's here! - - -

Our BQ community has really enjoyed focusing on a theme each month during this crazy pandemic year. As all the uncertainties of Covid-19 were thrown at us, it was comforting to ground ourselves in the Word together.

Several BQ members from across the nation have contributed some fresh, new templates for us to use next year in the 2021 Month-by-Month BQ journal.

Let me show you a sneak peek:

Does that get your creative juices flowing??

A calendar page for each month allows you to personalize it with your own Bible reading plan and goals for the year. You can add dates for your church activities, Bible study gatherings or Zoom sessions, etc.

I've used mine as a devotional planner to track the letter-of-the-week for my ABC Bible Quilt Journal and the references of the daily verses for our monthly BQJ theme.

This 8.5 x 11-inch journal includes templates for a full year that can be completed as you traipse through 2021. Every month has a BQ template preceding each calendar page that can be decorated to correspond with our monthly theme or be something totally different you choose. Some of these formatted templates are seasonal (ex: pumpkin for October; ornaments for December) and others are more generic for flexibility of use.

Last January we did 31 Days of Hope if you want to click over there to see the original set-up.

At the back of the journal are pages to remove to make into your first monthly flip card set. This is a great way to gather the daily verses for monthly themes before you Bible Quilt them.

I typically write out the whole scripture passage onto the flip cards, familiarizing myself with the context as I go. Then when I Bible Quilt the monthly 2-page spread, I can use the key phrases I want to highlight in the formatted quilt squares and still have the full reference on my flip cards.

The monthly flip card sets are handy to carry along with you to reinforce daily verses as you hustle through your family routine.

These BQ themed pages and flip cards can be used over and over whenever you need that particular topic to focus on depending on family circumstances or your season of life. If you have someone you'd like to share some encouraging verses, you could give them a flip card set you've created for them.

Also included in the 2021 Month-by-Month Bible Quilt Journal is a set of monthly tabs for you to color, cut, and attach to your journal. I made a copy of my colored tab set so that I could glue them back to back for visibility from both sides, then I laminated them for durability. (optional step; just giving you ideas!)

There's also a set of blank tabs included. As we progress through the year and share page ideas, you can add these into your journal or create with your own devotional theme.

I've loved exploring themes in depth each month with the BQ Community and grateful that Bible Quilters around the world have helped develop our reference lists for our 2021 monthly themes. I'll be adding a list of references in the shop as the year unfolds and we'll be discussing our progress in our BQ Zoom Chats. You're welcome to follow along with our themes, but you can totally do your own also!



In addition to the printed Monthly BQ journal, there's also a printable version in the online shop to download. It's the exact version as the printed journal and is available immediately. This provides you with flexibility of adding other pages and saves you shipping costs. I hope this option helps our international Bible Quilters feel part of this community. Included in the shop's description are some options re: getting it bound or using it in a 3-ring binder system.

I'm already having fun personalizing mine in preparation for our adventure next year!

Alrighty, who's ready to join me for the 2021 #monthlybiblequiltjournal exploration through scripture together?

Drop a comment below or send me an email that you're IN for the 2021 Monthly BQJ experience!


Not quite ready to dive into a full journal or want to infuse scripture into your home in a practical way? Try the 2021 BQ wall calendar releasing later this week!

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