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Steadfast and True

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

steadfast bracelet

Our scripture series for August is about being Steadfast.

I'm excited because this has been my focus word for 2021. As I've been reading through the Bible this year, I've noticed more scriptures related to this theme. I even found a stamped bracelet that I've been wearing as a visual reminder.

Back in January I began my Word for the Year page with an exploration of Steadfast synonyms so that as I progressed through my devotional reading, I would recognize this topic in a broader context.

Word for the Year template, in progress

Steadfast =

loyal, determined, immovable, resolute, unwavering,

staunch, adherent;

firm in belief, purpose, faith

Steadfastness is about being determined, standing firm, and remaining consistent even in times of stress. Over the next couple weeks, our Olympic athletes will be demonstrating how steadfastness in training pays off in ultimate competition.

Being steadfast is sticking to something when your patience is wearing thin, persevering despite the odds. Sometimes it might be plodding along with minimal visible progress toward a long-term goal. Or perhaps it's standing up for someone who struggles to assert herself in certain situations. Maybe it's following through on a "good intention" or maintaining a New Year's goal.

Steadfastness is not flashy or popular, but it's recognizable in people who reflect a certain amount of grit --> a quality that people depend on when they need someone steady.

Word for the Year template - Steadfast

We can be steadfast physically or mentally, yet the Lord is also keenly interested in our hearts being steadfast in Him. He's pleased when we stick to our devotional plans, get into His Word regularly, and consistently make it to church or Bible study.


So, let's dive into these verses on steadfastness and see where it takes us this month!

You can download the reference list here and make it into a handy bookmark if you'd like!

Bookmark set of references (freedom, steadfast, belief)

I printed mine on sunny-colored card stock and ran them through a laminator to make a durable set.

You can use them again in the future or perhaps pass them on to someone else.

laminating bookmark set of reference verses

flip card set of scripture on Steadfastness

Once you've got the reference list printed, begin writing out the daily verses on a flip card set.

You can decorate these as much as you want. Mine tend to be fairly simple...written in colorful ink with a few doodles. Sometimes I even do them on car trips or while waiting in carpool, so I'm not winning any penmanship awards with these!

Writing the verses out fully helps me get familiar with them in context. (You can even make notes on the back of the card or write additional scriptures that help clarify the setting.) Sometimes I'll write a different translation of the verse on the back side of the flip card.

When I add the scriptures onto my #biblequiltjournal page, I've got the full verses handy and can make decisions re: how much of the verse to write in the BQ square.

31-day template for Steadfastness, getting started

Day by day we will add a verse and end up with a beautiful collection of Steadfast scriptures to have as a resource when we need the encouragement in the future.

Want some musical inspiration while you create with your pages this month?

Sandra McCracken performed at our church a couple years ago. This is one of my favorites!


The Sunflower template is paired with August in the Monthly Bible Quilt Journal and I'm looking forward to all the lovely pages the BQ Community will be creating!

If you don't have the journal, you can download the set here. Choose with or without stitch lines.

sunflower templates for Bible Quilt Journal

Need a boost to get started? Join other Bible Quilters at one of these upcoming events:


Video overview of 2-page spread on Steadfastness developing day by day:


Here are a few sample pages previously done on the theme of Steadfast. Can't wait to see what you all create! Please share in Comments below.


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