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31 Days of Peace - Dec 2021

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Hope you all are enjoying your Thanksgiving gatherings and having an easy transition into another holiday season. Ready to gather up all that festive washi tape and colorful Christmas stickers to get creative?

Let's prep the December page in our Monthly Bible Quilt Journals for our focus on PEACE this month.

This is the perfect time to settle in to the heavenly peace of this sacred season.

My neighbor friend, Mary Jo, has collected some inspiring scriptures on the theme of Peace.

The reference list for #31daysofpeace is part of the quarterly release Oct-Dec reference list set. Use coupon code FREELIST to get the printable free.

You can print, cut and decorate the lists into bookmarks. Laminating will help with durability and ribbon adds a little bonus texture. However simple or elaborate you want to be is up to you!

If you don't have the Monthly BQJ, you can use this list to help complete the PEACE page in the Original BQJ or a printable template page.

Peace page in Bible Quilt journal

Or if a particular verse really resonates with you, enjoy creating your own quilt-y design on a blank page. Here's a sample of how impactful a single verse can be. Simple yet bold.

Bible Quilt page on Romans 12:18 Live in peace

I started off a 2-page 31-day spread by making the title into an ornament. (I was inspired by a mess-up I did first, which I covered up with some decorative paper.) I used some Christmas washi tape for some immediate color then wrote in my scripture for #day1.

I'm trying something different with my flip card set this month. I'm writing this month's verses of Peace on the back of my #31daysofjoy cards, so each December I'll have an instant resource for "joy & peace." (I wish I had the idea last month to write my #30daysofmercy verses on the back of my #30daysofgrace cards so I'd have a set of "grace and mercy.")

Alrighty, friends, here we go!

The featured template in the Monthly BQJ this month is the Ornaments template my sis-in-law designed. It's a fun one to color and create with. You can select some verses from this month's reference list, JOY from last year or whatever topic you'd like.

We'll be gathering up this Tuesday on ZOOM to launch this exploration of verses on Peace as well as to wrap up November's series on Mercy. These BQ chats have been a special way for many of us to connect this year. All are welcome to join us!

As you begin to nestle in to the Christmas spirit, you may want to expand into some of the other rich sentiments of the season. Check out the Christmas templates to see what inspiration strikes!

As we all know, this season is packed with activities and festivities. Sometimes quieting ourselves to reflect on this gift of Christ can quiet the noise of the season and remind us of His message of peace.

You're invited to carve out some time to hang out with us Bible Quilting next Saturday, Dec. 4th. You can even pick up some BQ goodies to gift to friends and family! The 2022 BQ Calendar is a great way to introduce someone to the concept of Bible Quilting and I still have a few available.

...or pop in for a peek via ZOOM if you're one of our long-distance peeps.


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