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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I've been blessed to see how women start a Bible Quilt® journal and begin to savor their time in the Word in a deeper way. Often once they've gotten some momentum going, the Lord begins to nudge them about someone to share this new technique with. Sometimes it's a friend or a person they've been considering to reach out to as a mentor.

I'm grateful to my first "guinea pigs" from my Bible study group that came over to see my first "quilting" pages and to hear how it was impacting my quiet time. I was encouraged to see how this simple concept resonated with them and how eager they were to continue.

As women progressed in their Bible Quilting, I had several contact me to ask how they could share with a group of friends, family members, or a church group. As we discussed logistics and their vision for their group, I often sensed the Holy Spirit at work smoothing out the details and providing us with ideas.

I've had women host sessions in their own homes or invite small groups over to my house. I've had the joy of seeing friends coordinate together to introduce Bible Quilting at their church, even presenting it in a weekly format to provide some group continuity.

Truly, it's never been the same format twice! Bible Quilting is adaptable to many settings and a broad spectrum of ages. I help women navigate the basic logistics, we pray over the group, and allow the Lord to soften women's hearts for this next step of their faith journey.


Sweet friends sharing the Bible Quilt at their church
Sweet friends sharing the Bible Quilt at their church

"For the Word of God is alive and active." Hebrews 4:12


Whatever season you're in, simply start where you are and see how your Quiet Time can be tweaked in a new way. Then pray over who you'd like to share with.

I've been thrilled to see how moms are modeling devotional time for their kids. The appeal of fun crafting supplies piques their interest and once these moms gently invite them in, kiddos are eager to start their own Bible Quilt® journal. Yay, God!

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