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Getting started...


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Take a moment to consider what topic you would like to focus on and gather up some verses. The Bible Quilt journal has a set of tabs on the Fruit of the Spirit, so often women will start with these topics as a way to learn the process of Bible Quilting.


It's okay to practice a little. I often tell women at workshops to skip the first page and turn to somewhere in the middle of their #biblequiltjournal to do their first page. This seems to take off a little bit of the pressure we put on ourselves to "get it right" the first time we're trying something new.

Orient the spiral at top whenever you're starting a page, so that you have the option of standing it upright and being able to read both sides.


I typically start in the upper left hand corner and begin writing a verse. Once that verse is done, I draw "stitch" lines around it and write another verse. You can use different colors of marker for each verse or within the verse.



Use the ruler included in your Bible Quilt journal to help you line up elements on your page or use it as a straight edge for even lines.


Hop over to this post on how I set up my STRENGTH page to see the sequence of a page developing.


Sometimes you might want to start with the title and some outlined stitching around it.


Stencils are a simple way to create a specific shape that you can just fill in with your title. This will set it apart from the rest of your page. (See the post on Mercy to see how this page turned out.)


Then start adding verses around the title, using your ruler to draw stitch lines between them.


You don't have to complete a full page at a time. I've always got multiple pages going on a variety of topics.


Work at your own pace and enjoy the process of harvesting verses as you encounter them!


If you'd like some ideas for inspiration or to see some other techniques, go over to the board "Sample Pages" and browse a bit.

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New Posts
  • Have someone you pray for regularly? Do you have family members in challenging circumstances that has you scrambling for verses to pray over them? Do you have particular verses that you pray over your family or need a way to collect all of these scriptures in one place? Create a Bible Quilt page to "harvest" verses to help focus your prayers over your loved one! You can use a photo or highlight their name by using stickers or a bold hand-lettering style, then write the verses around that person like you're surrounding them in prayer. You can ask family members what their favorite verses are...or even have them write a couple verses on a #biblequiltjournal page. I've gone to my personal BQ pages over and over again to help me pray in a focused, consistent manner over my family. Sometimes reading the scriptures aloud is another way to revitalize your prayer time. By the way, I did this family page years ago & used one of my favorite pics of all of us at a Baylor game. This page has become even more special to me because our oldest son is now attending Baylor. The Lord has been laying the foundation for this all along and we're just now experiencing His plan. Maybe one of the heart templates would help get you started:
  • Do you have special verses that are dear to your heart? Maybe you have a favorite passage that you turn to when you're in distress? Using your "go-to" scriptures is a great way to start your Bible Quilt journal! Some people have "life verses" that they have written on note cards or printed on plaques in their home. A beautiful way to synthesize these all together would be to create a #biblequiltjournal page: So, if you're wondering where to start...look around your home to see what scriptures are already surrounding you. Flip through your Bible to see where you've highlighted. Rummage around your desk to see what cards you've kept because you were impacted by the scriptures included. "Harvest" these favorite verses onto a page and see how His Word blesses you! Using a simple block template might help get you started:
  • Nope! Whatever YOUR theme word is, YOU choose the verses that reflect the meaning of that topic word to YOU. I've been working on a #STEADFAST page for a while now, adding verses as I encounter them in my Bible reading... or occasionally while scrolling through my Instagram feed . Whenever I'm feeling a little restless or unsettled, it helps me to reflect on verses that remind me to be STEADFAST in all my ways, trusting in the Lord for the next step in my life - whether it's a baby step or a giant leap of faith. This morning while I was working on this page, I was struck again by the phrase "people who KNOW their God shall STAND FIRM ..." We need to KEEP digging into His Word and KEEP that prayer line of communication going to KNOW our God . This is an ongoing process! We have to KEEP praying and trusting God each day, continuing to build up our faith. I completed my page by adding this verse from Colossians: "...continue in your faith, established and firm, and do not move from the HOPE held out in the gospel." (Col 1:23) If I had allowed myself to get "stuck" on just adding verses to my #biblequiltjournal page that only had the word STEADFAST in them, I would have missed this one. Today I needed this reminder of HOPE and to keep leaning forward in faith ...that is being steadfast to me. "May the Lord direct your hearts to the love of God and to the steadfastness of Christ." 2 Thessalonians 3:5