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What is a Bible Quilt® Journal?

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

A Bible Quilt® is a printed journal in which to collect, organize, and create with scripture. You choose your topic, then select verses you want to incorporate together on a page.

Each Bible Quilt® journal includes an overview of the Bible Quilting technique and some tips to get you started.

The journal has some pre-formatted pages, so all you have to do is write in Bible verses to get a page started quickly.

For example, this is the Prayer template that provides you with "quilt squares" already outlined with a "baseball stitch." You select passages of scripture regarding prayer and put those verses into each a quilt square, then add whatever colorful embellishments you'd like.

There is a Fruit of the Spirit section at the front of the Bible Quilt Journal that has "starter" titles for all 9 attributes.

This is an example of the Gentleness page that has been shaded in with colored pencils. A strip of washi tape folded along the edge of the page adds a splash of color as well as a reinforcement for the edge, making it more durable for frequent use.

At the back of the journal are 3 pages of tab sets which are included to help you begin organizing your journal.

Pictured here is an example of the Fruit of the Spirit tabs that have been cut, colored, and attached to the corresponding topic page.

The journal provides a set of blank tabs and many blank pages for you to create "quilted" pages on whatever topics are of most importance to you. Sometimes you encounter a verse that has a special meaning to you which launches an idea for a page.

I began this page with the focus on the phrase, "Be still, and know that I am God" then added verses around it. I titled the tab "BE STILL."


Bible Quilting® is a unique way to weave more scripture into your daily life and an enriching process to share with a prayer partner. It can be used as a supplement to any Bible study or a place to summarize your sermon notes.


As you do your daily devotional, you may encounter verses that impact you. These are great starters for BQJ pages!

If you have an idea for a page and need a little boost to begin, there are many template patterns available that can easily be attached to your BQ journal. The original BQJ has an oversized spiral to allow for "growth" as you add embellishments to it over time, naturally expanding it.

Many women incorporate pages on their personal prayers and praises in addition to dedicated pages for family members, intentionally creating a spiritual legacy.

Each journal becomes a treasured resource of favorite scriptures and is a reflection of each Bible Quilter's unique personality.

Tell a friend and get started together!

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For an interactive experience, you're welcome to join the Bible Quilt community through the Bible Quilt Journal Facebook Group

or join us on a BQ Chat zoom call

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Additional versions of Bible Quilt Journals are now available:

Month-to-Month Bible Quilt Journal (We are focusing on a monthly theme together)

ABC Bible Quilt Journal (Explore the Bible from A to Z)

Bible Quilt Notes (7 x 10 vertical journal that is great for sermon notes!)

Bible Quilt Journal for Girls (7 x10 starter journal for all ages)

Intro/Overview of BQJ in Spanish:

Bible Quilt - Spanish
Download PDF • 8.36MB

Not quite ready to commit to a journal or want to share the concept with a friend? The BQ calendars are a wonderful introduction to Bible Quilting. The 2023 version is now available!

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