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Using Acrylic stamps



If you want a quick way to add a little flair to your #biblequiltjournal page, you can stamp words or illustrations on it.


I used to be intimidated by acrylic stamps (not sure why) but I have come to appreciate their easy use and adaptability for a variety of themes.


The main advantage to these acrylic stamps over regular stamps with the traditional wooden backing is that you can see exactly where the stamped image is doing to land on the page.





You'll need a clear block to apply the acrylic stamps. This one is about the same size as a post-it note and is really handy. The grid lines help especially when you are aligning individual letters. Simply stick the flat side of the acrylic to the block, press down into a stamp pad, then press the inked side down onto your page. To avoid smudging, try to lift straight up and down. (clean with wet paper towel or baby wipes)


Hobby/craft stores have acrylic stamps usually in the scrapbooking section. Often you'll get several stamps on one sheet, so you're getting a variety in one fell swoop!


I tend to lean toward acrylic images that I can't draw easily myself...or ones that I know I'll get a lot of use. This is the main advantage to using stamps rather than stickers: you can use them over & over again! If you've got a craftsy friend, then consider getting together and borrow each other's stamps. It till give you variety without the cost!


See the colorful banner on the page below? I used a multi-colored acrylic stamp repeatedly across the page to get this fun effect.


Practice on scrap paper and try out some acrylics in your Bible Quilt!

Inheritance page in BibleQuiltJournalInheritance page in BibleQuiltJournal
Inheritance page in BibleQuiltJournal


I have hundreds of stamps as that was my favourite crafting....I can’t draw but love to use them in so many different ways. Actually I suppose that it’s the colouring in that I like the best, I have so many different types, from water colouring to copics...trying to get that professional look; only trouble is, is that people think it was ready coloured.

what colouring techniques do other people use?

Sep 30

Can't wait to see how you use stamping in your Bible Quilt!

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