ABC Bible Quilt® Journal: It's here!

Updated: Jul 3

I've been dabbling with ABC pages for a while and introduced it to the Bible Quilt community this year as an #abcsofthebible series.

We've been focused on creating with one letter-of-the-week, sharing ideas for verses and designs in our Facebook group.

This has been such a fun way to gather up a variety of verses, focusing on a different letter each week, that I thought it would be great to have all these pages together in one journal specifically for this purpose.


I'm excited to announce the arrival of the

ABC Bible Quilt Journal!


This has truly been a group effort and represents a beautiful collaboration within the Bible Quilting community.

The ABC team included members from 4 different states and a wide variety of ages. The team members helped design individual letters to be used as titles for each letter page, which provided a wide variety of lettering styles.

This 40-page journal has a page designated for each letter and allows you to gradually work your way through verses A to Z.

You can join our online letter-of-the-week series or start your ABC journey with a couple friends or Bible study group.

This can be a wonderful activity to incorporate into your family devotions!

You can work on multiple pages at a time, dropping in verses as you encounter them in your scripture reading. Or you can focus on one letter page at a time.


ABC Ideas

* Gather up a collection of verses that have a word/phrase that begins with the same letter. Have fun turning all these snippets of scripture into a patchwork page!

* Do a whole page on the same topic, such as "C is for... Christmas" or "K is for...Kindness."

* Personalize pages for loved ones (ex: use the K page for a special Katie in your life)

* Include characteristics of God, books of the Bible, prophets, disciples, historical places

H page in ABC Bible Quilt Journal
H is for... hope, harmony


ABC Tab set

Colored ABC Bible Quilt Journal tabs

The ABC Bible Quilt journal includes a set of tabs that you can color, cut, and attach to your journal.

Simply fold each tab, then sandwich it over the letter page to designate the front and back as the same letter.

Use a glue stick to attach the tab to the page & reinforce it with a strip of colorful washi tape if you'd like.


You can invite your kids to help you color and cut your ABC tabs. This not only helps you out, it allows an opportunity to talk about this as a family project.

At the very least, you'll have a piece of your kiddos incorporated into your ABC Bible Quilt!


ABC Templates

Want to start slow with a letter at a time? ABC templates can be added anywhere in your current Bible Quilt journal. Maybe you want to do a "J is for...Jesus" page and use this cute template from the ABC series?