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2022 Bible Quilting® Year in Review

We've had a wonderful exploration of scripture this year, diving into twelve topics and creating seasonal pages along the way in our "Drawing Near to God" Monthly Bible Quilt Journal. I'm grateful to the members of our international Bible Quilting community who collaborated with me to construct the monthly reference lists of scripture.

If you've shared in this journey, you've Bible quilted 365 daily verses plus whatever additional pages you did in between. These pages will be a great resource for years to come!

January 2022 - Creation of God

Blog post & Video Recap

February 2022 - Abiding in God

Blog post & Video Recap

March 2022 - Growing in God

Blog post Intro & Video Recap

April 2022 - Promises of God

Blog post Intro & Video recap

May 2022 - Power of God

blog post & video recap

June 2022 - Walking with God

Blog post & Video recap

July 2022 - Psalms of Praise

Blog post & Process Video Using Gelatos

August 2022 - Armor of God

Blog post & Video overview

September 2022 - Names of God

Blog post & video recap

October 2022 - Glory of God

Blog post & Video Recap

November 2022 - Blessings of God

blog post intro & video recap

December 2022 - Light of God

blog post intro & video recap

What a lovely journey it's been to delve into these topics, drawing nearer to God in our quiet time and our community interactions!

If you weren't able to join us this year and would like to explore these topics, the whole year's list of references is available for free. Use code FREELIST. The journal's calendar pages aren't dated, so you can use it any time. Consider using this resource with a few accountability partners. You can access posts and pages from this site to provide you with inspiration along the way!

Also available as a digital download:

You're invited to join us on our next journey in Monthly Bible Quilting with the Building on a Firm Foundation journal for 2023!

We've got women from across the United States and several other countries focusing on the same topics together.

We'd love to have YOU as part of our community!


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