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Growing in God

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

vintage truck with succulents & "grow" rock

Ready to march into a new month?

Spring is a great time to reflect on our growth in different areas of our lives as we observe the emerging green growth of spring begin around us.

Sometimes we may feel stagnant in our Bible study or our prayer life. It's good to occasionally reevaluate our daily rhythms that support or derail our spiritual development. Maybe tweaking a reading plan or joining a different community for Bible study is the spark we need for this new season? We'll have some time over the course of the next few weeks to think about the ebb and flow of our personal relationship with God as we delve into our topic for March 2022, Growing in Him.

Let's get started by preparing the March calendar with the daily verses and decorating it with some spring colors.

Our collection of verses for this month was cultivated by Jan, our sweet Bible Quilting friend from West Virgina. You can get the printable reference list and make a handy bookmark to use as you look up the daily scriptures.

Flip card set of verses on Growing in God; Bible

The next step is to write out the daily verses onto a flip card set.

Or you can get a jumpstart by downloaded this set that already has the verses typed on them. I printed mine on green card stock to go with our "grow" theme.

Now we're ready to begin "quilting" these scriptures onto the 2-page spread in the 2022 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal.

I've gathered up some green markers, washi tape, and some shamrock stickers to have easily accessible as I start my page. Mary Jo also developed some Growing in Him sticker sheets that might come in handy.

Growing in God flip card set and reference list

Look at the lovely detailing of the intertwining vine that Jan added to this template spread for us!

31 Days of Growing in God (2022 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal)

Enjoy coloring in the vines on this page, settling in to the exploration of growth ahead.

31 Days of Growing in God template, page 1

Choose whichever page and quilt square you'd like to begin. Consider the length of the verse to estimate the best fit. Sometimes I'll select a portion of the verse that captures the main point related to our topic, referring to the full verse I've got on my flip card set as a resource.

31 Days of Growing in God template spread, p 1

Gradually the page will fill with all these scriptures based on the same topic and provide us with a unique perspective of how they connect together throughout the Bible.

Growing in God, day 1

Here's an overview of how my pages developed with these scriptures:

The featured template for March is this one called Potted Plants to remind us of the nurturing care required to grow in Him. And as we were reminded in our Feb series, ABIDING in Him and dwelling in His Word is the path to growth.

Potted plants template for Bible Quilt Journal

We're all in different seasons of growth and have a variety of gifts being developed, so it's good to remember that it's not about comparison in how this is occurring for each of us.

If you don't have the 2022 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal, you can get this template as a printable and decorate your own page. This is a nice spring page that could be a fun coloring page to do with your kiddos, too!

BQ Calendar

You're welcome to use this month's reference list to write scriptures onto your March BQ calendar, or choose your own theme for this fun design by Mary Jo called the Flying Kite.

Flying Kite template with character attributes

Join us at the next Zoom to chat about this month's theme and whatever else you've got in progress!


5-page sticker pack to help you illustrate your pages & flip cards:

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