Armor of God

Updated: Aug 10

We all have seasons when we truly feel like we're going into battle each day, struggling against the perpetual challenges in this world.

A few years ago, I introduced a woman to Bible Quilting and her first page was entitled,

"This battle is the Lord's." She didn't elaborate much about the circumstances yet asserted strongly that she was putting on the Armor of God and surrendering her daughter's situation to the Lord.

young boy with Armor of God #biblequiltjournal page

What does it mean to put on the Armor of God?

This is an intriguing idea and certainly one that has a lot of depth to explore further. How do you picture the armor of God?

Look at this cute illustration of the Armor of God my nephew did using a gingerbread cookie cutter for the figure. Super clever!

When I think of armor, I initially envision being ensconced in something heavy and clunky with a cumbersome helmet obscuring my view. But our armor from God does not have to weigh us down or impede or movements.

Remember that movie "A Knight's Tale" where the main character encounters a female blacksmith who constructs some new fangled armor for him that initially causes everyone to laugh, but then ends up being incredibly strong? Because it is customized for him and engineered for movement AND strength, he wins a lot more jousting tournaments because his armor fits him and he's learned how to use it.

Armor of God page, getting started

Fortunately, God uniquely equips us for our battles. He magnifies our abilities to face our challenges head on WITH HIM.

We have to be disciplined to put God's protective armor on daily so that we're enveloped in HIS strength and might, not our own.

Armor of God: Daily & Diligently

The more we practice wearing God's Armor, the more familiar it becomes and the more confident we can move in it to accomplish our daily mission for God's kingdom. It's really only when we become comfortable in His armor around us that we truly learn how to use it - - - and use it well.

Ready to put on YOUR armor??

I'm getting started by prepping the August calendar in the Monthly BQJ, adding the daily verses, events, and embellishing it with some stickers.

Once you get the printable reference list, you can make a handy bookmark to use as you look up the daily scriptures. Thanks to our Bible Quilting friend Alice from Alabama for curating this great collection of verses for us to meditate on during August!

Psalms of Praise flip cards

The next step is to write out the daily verses onto a flip card set. This will familiarize you with the scriptures and also provide you with a handy resource to carry with you throughout the month.

You can decorate these as you like to personalize them even further. Formatted version ready to print here.

Now we're all set to begin adding the daily verses to our 2-page spread!

2-page template spread for Armor of God

I began by coloring in the shield. Initially I had it shaded evenly, then decided to add some "dings and scuff marks" to represent a well-used shield. Next I wrote in the verse for day one.

Writing in day one of Armor of God verses

If you'd like a pretty tab for your Armor of God page, there's one included in the new watercolor tab set:

Simply print, cut, and attach the tab by gluing the lower part of the tab onto the BQ page.

attaching Armor of God tab

If you don't have the 2022 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal, you can download the Shield featured template set here.

Shield - Armor of God page

You can also use this wonderful Amor of God template that Alice designed as a supplement to our study this month.