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Glory of God

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Our topic for October is the GLORY of GOD.

How do you envision God's glory?

The heavens are telling of the Glory of God. Psalm 19:1

I did a "Glory& Honor" page a few years ago in my original BQJ, but I'm looking forward to exploring this topic even deeper this month with you all.

Who's with me?

I'm getting started by prepping the October calendar in the 2022 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal with the daily verse references:

The way the dates fall in October, you've got plenty of room to write a full verse at the top of the calendar page.

Next we write out the scriptures onto a flip card set to use as a quick reference throughout the month. This is a great way to become familiar with the verses and the passages tucked around them!

Thanks to Pip, our BQ friend in Maine, who curated our group of scriptures for this month! 😀

Need a time-saver or want to share these verses with a friend?

Snag this typed set of the Glory of God scriptures.

Once you've got your scriptures gathered up, you're all set to begin the 2-page spread in the Monthly BQ Journal. You can download the template here if you don't have the journal yet.

As we add the daily verses, our page will fill up with beautiful scriptures about God's glory and majesty.

You may also discover verses that particularly impact you and want to create with them on the featured template for the month, Autumn Glory.

Autumn Glory template for Bible Quilt Journal

Another place that pumpkins are popping up is on the 2022 BQ Calendar. This little pumpkin patch template is always a fun one to decorate!

Pumpkin patch template in 2022 BQ Calendar

Join our next Zoom chat and we'll dive into all the glory of God insights and enjoy sharing our Fall pages along the way! Everyone is welcome to participate. If you RSVP on the registration link below, you'll receive a reminder email the day before. I'm Central time, so keep that in mind when you mark your calendar!

During the last Zoom, one of our members asked to discuss sticker organization so we'd love to hear your tips on how you manage all the stickers.

If you'll be in the Tulsa area, join us for an actual in-person Bible Quilting session and meet some of the locals!

Other FALL-ish templates you might want to play around with this season:

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