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Blessings of God

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, the weeks ahead will be a time of reflection, focusing on gratitude for what we have through the Lord's provision and grace. For our monthly theme in November, we're going to narrow in on verses related to God's blessings.

I'm getting started by prepping the November calendar in the 2022 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal with the daily verse references:

Thanks to our Bible Quilter, Mel from TX, for curating our collection of verses this month. She included these bonus verses:

2 Timothy 1:12

1 Peter 1:13

Hebrews 11:6

As we write out the scriptures onto a flip card set we become familiar with the verses and the surrounding passages. Then we'll have them as a personal reference or be able to share with a friend who might need an extra blessing this season.

If you'd like a typed version of the monthly verses, a printable set is available to provide you with a quick jumpstart. Mary Jo even added some bonus verses for us!

Once you've got your scriptures gathered up, you're all set to begin the 2-page spread in the Monthly BQ Journal. You can download the template here if you don't have the journal yet.

As we add the daily verses, our page will fill up with beautiful scriptures about God's many blessings He's bestowed on us. We begin with the gift of salvation as denoted in John 3:16.

Blessings from God, day 1

You may choose to use verses that resonate with you on our featured template for the month, Blessing Jars, either in the Monthly BQJ or as a separate printable.

Maybe you'll be impacted by particular verses along the way this month and feel inspired to do a page for someone or about a particular situation. Browse the shop to find a template that suits your needs!

To help give you ideas, here's a "Blessed" page I did on the Floral Wreath Patchwork a while back.

As an added bonus this month, I've got a sticker sheet available that might help you illustrate your pages:

It would be a blessing for you to join our next Zoom to chat about ideas/challenges and to share BQ pages with other Bible Quilters.

Details in the link below:

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