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Building on a Firm Foundation: 2023 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

We've got a wonderful line-up of monthly topics for 2023 with an overall theme for the year, "Building on a Firm Foundation."

Building on a Firm Foundation: Monthly Bible Quilt Journal for 2023

Twelve Bible Quilters from across the U.S. have collaborated with me to generate the scripture reference lists for a variety of in-depth topics. The journal has a 2-page spread each month for you to write the daily verses for every monthly topic.

January - - - Prayer

February - - - Discernment

March - - - Word of God

April - - - Salvation

May - - - Holy Spirit

June - - - Presence of God

July - - - Worship Him!

August - - - Truth

September - - - Love Your Neighbor

October - - - Service

November - - - Hospitality

December - - - Home & Family

The Reference List Bookmark set that accompanies the "Building on a Firm Foundation" series is available as a free printable with the code FREELIST. Download it here. The references are provided separately as a printable because this allow me to make updates/corrections throughout the year as needed. It also allows you the opportunity to print the reference lists on whatever color or type of paper you like so you can personalize them in your own style.

Ready for a sneak peek of our 2023 Monthly BQJ???

Each month will have a featured template that you can create with your choice of scriptures.

In addition to these formatted pages, you'll have the opportunity to #biblequilt your own designs on a blank two-page spread each month. You've got lots of options!

Monthly Bible Quilt Journal - blank pages to add templates

Take sermon notes or summarize a Bible study.

Download a template from the online shop to give you a jumpstart on a design.

Add a seasonal page with bright embellishments.

Make a prayer page for ongoing prayer requests you receive.

Create a page for a friend or family member going through a difficult challenge.

Brainstorm with other Bible Quilters on our monthly Zoom chats to get other ideas.

At the back of the journal is a page of colorful tabs with the Month on one side and the Topic on the other. The page also includes a set of colorful titles for each topic.

Colorful monthly tabs & topic labels

Cut the month tabs and fold over on the dotted line. Tip: if you want an easy way to maintain the curve on the ticket-style tabs, use a hole punch on the corners.

Attach the folded tabs to your journal by gluing them onto the corresponding calendar page. Stagger them as you'd like for visibility, keeping in mind you may want to add additional tabs for other pages throughout the journal.

Colorful tabs for Monthly Bible Quilt Journal

On the same page as the monthly tabs are boldly colored topic titles. You may use these anywhere in your journal that you'd like.

One idea is to glue them onto the calendar page to add an instant pop of color. You have the option of trimming the perimeter to cover the whole title area or cut smaller to leave the building block design peeking out as a background.

At the very back of the journal are 6 pages of flip cards that can be torn out at the same time as you're removing the tab page. I recommend placing one hand on the coil binding while you slowly tear out one flip card page at a time. The removal of these pages will provide you with more "growing room" in your journal as you add embellishments and BQ templates throughout the year.

Cut the squares on the solid line, trim each card to 3.5-inches, and slide onto a binder ring. A simple way to add a little color is to lightly brush the edges of the cards with an ink pad.

This set of flip cards will give you a place to write the daily verses for a month's topic. I like to write out the full verses on the flip cards to get familiar with the scriptures we'll be focusing on that month. These little sets are convenient to carry around as we go about our daily activities, using them as a quick reference or memorization tool.

blank Flip Card set for Bible Quilt Journal topics

When I'm ready to start adding verses on the 2-page spread, I use the flip cards to help choose what key words or phrases to highlight as I #biblequilt. If the quilt square doesn't have enough room for the full verse, I choose the portion of the verse that has the most impact or synopsis of the scripture.

You can download more flip card sets if you'd like to develop this handy resource each month.

If you'd like to purchase pre-formatted flip card sets that already have each verse printed on them, they're available in the online shop as a printable. I've included a link to each of these in the topic list above.

I also designed a set of colorful topic labels that you can use as titles for our keyword topics on your BQ pages, bookmarks, or flip cards.

title stickers for Monthly BQJ topics

A ruler and prayer card are tucked into the book pocket on the inside back cover of the journal. You may also use the pocket as a lace to store the bookmark reference lists and/or title stickers.

Topic title stickers in ruler pocket for Monthly Bible Quilt Journal

Hot off the presses, these journals are ready to roll out to YOU!

If you'd like to save shipping costs, I created a combo with the BQ Calendar:

I'll also be creating some additional bundles, so if you're shopping for yourself and friends you can save some money on shipping costs. Send me an email if there's a combo you're interested in and I'll see what I can do on my end!

For our international friends and those who prefer to print at home to make your own modifications, here's a digital version:

In the next few weeks I'll be sharing some tips re: preparing your 2023 monthly journal for the coming year. In the meantime, you can browse this 2022 Monthly BQJ Prep post to help you get started!

I'm excited for all the opportunities to engage actively in the Word with you next year. Who's with me???

"For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ." 1 Corinthians 3:11
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Brenda Chapin
Brenda Chapin
Jan 28, 2023

Where do I get the the stickers for # of the days? Plz

Jan 28, 2023
Replying to

Morning, Brenda!

If you're referring to the black numbers I used in January, I believe it was a Paper Studios brand which can be found at Hobby Lobby. I've also used a variety of planner sticker pads because those numbers are sized small enough to fit in the quilt squares.

Here's a link that you may find helpful:

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