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Walking with God

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

I enjoy taking long walks and going on hikes with my guys. Getting out in nature is restorative to my soul. It's grounding and filled with visual reminders of God's creative juices at work.

If I'm walking by myself through the neighborhood, I typically start out listening to a podcast but along the way transition to praying as I get into a rhythm. There's something about putting one foot after another that pounds through the numerous mental distractions and begins to settle my focus.

We hear the term "walking with God" bandied about quite a bit, but do we actually whittle this down to determine what it means to us personally?

During May we focused on verses about the Power of God and all His majestic works. In June we're going to explore scriptures related to Walking with God. Maybe each of us will gain some insight regarding our own daily walk with the Lord in this process.

I'm getting started by prepping the June calendar in the Monthly BQJ, adding the daily verses, events, and embellishing it with some cute footprint stamps and stickers.

Ready to stroll into June with me?

Our collection of verses this month is from Fran, a local friend and Bible Quilter.

You can get the printable reference list and make a handy bookmark to use as you look up the daily scriptures.

The next step is to write out the daily verses onto a flip card set. This will familiarize you with the scriptures and also provide you with a handy resource to carry with you throughout the month.

Fran has made some lovely flip cards in preparation for this month, using a variety of pen colors, drawings and stickers as illustrations.

Power of God - May calendar

If you'd prefer not to handwrite the verses, you can download this set with the verses typed on them. Print, cut, and you're ready to go!!

Now we're ready to begin "quilting" these scriptures onto the 2-page spread in the 2022 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal.

Walking with God 2-page template spread in Monthly Bible Quilt Journal

Choose whichever page and quilt square you'd like to begin. Consider the length of the verse to estimate the best fit. Sometimes I'll select a portion of the verse that captures the main point related to our topic, referring to the full verse I've got on my flip card set as a resource.

Power of God, day 1

Gradually the page will fill up with all these scriptures based on the same topic and provide us with a broader perspective of this theme throughout the Bible.

The featured template for June is called Walking with God. It has some playful images of a variety of footwear as a reminder that no matter what our circumstances or phase of life, God is ever present to be WITH us whatever we're facing.

Walking with God in 2022 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal

Walking with God, finished template

If you don't have the 2022 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal, you can get this template as a printable and decorate your own page along with us.

BQ Calendar: June 2022

You're welcome to use this month's reference list to write scriptures onto your June BQ calendar or choose your own theme for this log cabin page designed by Mary Jo.

May 2022 BQJ calendar

Here's how mine turned out:

Replays of our June chats via Zoom:

Monthly update: June 2022

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In step with Jesus... let's do this!


Footprint stamp (Amazon affiliate link)

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