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When you gift...

The holidays will be upon us soon and we'll all be adapting our gatherings a little differently this year. Maybe we won't be able to gather in person as much, but we can still send meaningful gifts and personalize them for the our loved ones.

Some ideas for you!

When you gift the original Bible Quilt Journal, you can add a name in the banner on the first template page and add some color-coordinated washi tape. This will brighten up the page and also show how to use embellishments in the journal.

You could write a note of encouragement or write some scriptures specifically for the person you are giving it to.

Print out a template on colorful card stock and create a page for your friend or family member. You can send it along separately or along with a BQ journal (attached or left loose).

When you gift the ABC Bible Quilt Journal, you can pre-cut the ABC flip cards that are at the back of the journal and put the set on a binder ring. Add some scripture references A to Z so your kiddos or grandchildren have a starting point when they're eager to try it out.

Include some ABC sticker sheets and tie a ribbon on the flip card ring as a finishing touch!

The ABC prayers template can be personalized for your child/grandchild. Send it along with any journal or separate as a follow-up to encourage their progress.

You can continue to encourage your child/grandchild by sending them a verse idea for each letter.

If you start together at the beginning of the year, you can get through the entire alphabet twice just by focusing on one letter-of-the-week!


When you gift the Month by Month Bible Quilt Journal, invite your friend to join our BQ community focusing on a different theme for each month of 2021.

Whether you live near or far apart, this is a wonderful way to stay connected in the Word! You can text each other photos of your pages or email scriptures back and forth.

Have a friend overseas? Send her the coupon code 2021BQJ to get $5 off the printable version of the Monthly BQJ. Despite the distance, you can still share time in the Word together focusing on the same scriptures each month!

Consider adding some seasonal/planner stickers to go along with the Monthly BQJ because they will come in handy as an embellishment for decorating it throughout the year. I added a little bit of washi here and a sticker there to saturate my journal in its own personality as the year progressed.

If you've been walking through our first year of creating in the Monthly Bible Quilt Journal and making a set of flip cards each month, you know it can be a time-consuming process. I'm experimenting with offering a bundle of pre-cut and hole-punched flip card sets (11 sets in bundle + one already in the #monthlyBQJ) so this could be an option for locals. (too bulky for mailing - sorry!)

Maybe you have a friend that you'd like to introduce Bible Quilting to, but don't think they're ready for a whole journal?

When you gift the 2021 Bible Quilt Calendar, you can show them a little about Bible Quilting without overwhelming them! Each month has one template that is ready for scriptures to be added. You can personalize these calendars for your gift recipients by adding seasonal washi tape to the borders or by filling in special family events like birthdays or anniversaries.

Each month you can touch base with your friend or family member, sharing how you completed that month's template or sending some verses to help them do theirs.

Grandkids could have a monthly BQ session to color in the calendar for their grandparents. The BQ Calendar has a lot of versatility! I'm looking forward to hearing what works for you!


To round out any of your #biblequilting gifts, I'd highly recommend Papermate Flair pens. Their bold colors stand out on the BQ pages and the markers last a long time!

(tip: The BQ Bonus kits include a set of 10 of these in a cute zippered pouch.)

Chances are that you've got your own personal assortment of washi tape by now. You can easily share some of your favorites with your gift recipient by wrapping some around a playing card and including it with your gift.

If you've got young Bible Quilters, consider small supplies like washi tape and stickers that can be used as stocking stuffers.

- - - Hope you enjoy this season of giving! - - -

When you gift with intention and purpose for how it's going to bless the recipient, it takes some of the "chore" out of shopping and packaging everything together.

Psst... While you're shopping for your own baking supplies, consider picking up a cookie cutter that your gift recipient can use as a stencil in their Bible quilting. You could even use it as a gift topper when you wrap their package! I'll have some available at my Nov. sale that are great shapes for using as title banners.

ABC journal gift-wrapped with a cookie cutter stencil

See my post, Favorite Supplies for Bible Quilt Journaling, for other ideas. This post has some Amazon affiliate links that will take you directly to products I've personally used and recommend.

As you order from the shop, keep a lookout for notes in the product description for some coupon codes re: shipping options.

***Want to browse in person?***

Grab a friend and come get a little holiday shopping done while you're planning your BQ materials for yourself in the New Year!

More info in events link.

You may also email me for pre-orders to pick up in a Covid-safe way.

Or order from the shop and choose "porch pick-up" option.

Happy gifting, friends! ❤️ Di

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